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Total legend. I never got the chance to interact with him, but I played with a couple of midwest USA bands/musicians who had. Each of them had a different story and perception of him, but everyone agreed he was a kick-ass dude.

For me, much like him, the production side of things was always just as, if not more, alluring as the writing and performing and his no-bullshit approach was a big factor in helping me believe that you could "hack" your way into creating an album with the equipment we already had.


As someone who plays around in the pro audio space, it's crazy how much you can spend on an interface. Especially "back in the day" (~20 years ago), most on-board stuff was pretty much trash and PCI sound cards (from Creative Labs and the like) were very common.

But you still can't charge it while you've got your headphones in.

USB flash drives worked out of box without drivers? Maybe that was just me...

The gradient on the "My Computer" icon was also very satisfying: https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/windows...

In general I’m a fan of the aesthetic of Win2K’s icons. Strikes a nice middleground between old and new, and as you’ve described it’s just satisfying somehow.

My most recent project launched in January. NextJS 14 client integrated with PayloadCMS (http://payloadcms.com) for the back-end. I love both technologies in theory, but they're both going through a renaissance period and "bleeding edge" doesn't even begin to describe it.

If I'm just building a client app, create-react-app is still my go to.

Before now, I'd been building on WordPress for 10+ years for anything client-administered. Planning on using Payload from here on out.

I’ve been frustrated by this, too. Trying to ask for ways to support a close family member who experienced sexual trauma. ChatGPT won’t touch the topic.

I grew up listening to my dad's record/CD collection, all 60s-80s rock. When we drove in the car, we listened to music on the radio.

My father in law likes 1950s big band music; it's not really on broadcast radio much. He listened to a lot of public radio when my wife was growing up. As a result, she listens to public radio in the car 90% of the time.

When we first got together and I rode in her car, I was stunned that she never listened to music while driving.

Podcasts are on-demand talk radio. It's really nothing more.

My family and I drove through the Ports of LA/Long Beach on vacation last summer. A port is basically an entire city dedicated to getting things in/out of the water. Takes 15-20 minutes to drive through. You can't imagine the number of cranes/lifts. It's worth the drive through.

This ship was carrying ~5,000 TEU (Trailer Equivalent Units). Imagine 5,000 fully packed semi trucks crashing into the single upright of that bridge.

Even at 7.5 knots (~10mph) the bridge stood no chance.

Would it even stand a chance at 1 mph? If not, what is the speed that would make it imaginable for the bridge not to collapse?

I'd think that a place like an international shipping port would have equipment in relatively close proximity for handling (albeit much smaller) tasks like wreckage removal and the like.

I have no idea what a practical timeline would be, but I think it's fair to say that it's less than your average 1.6 mile bridge.

My original eBay account (which is now in possession of my mother -- who "borrowed" it one day to list some trinket she found at a garage sale, got hooked, sold a few more things, and didn't want to give it back after she had amassed some positive feedback) lists 4/10/1999 as the signup date.

Amazon since April 2001.

Gmail since invite-only days (03-04?)

I worked at Best Buy circa 2005 and we had a single Mac Mini on the floor that had the fish wallpaper and it always drew me in. I had no interest in Macs at the time, but there was something alluring behind that wallpaper.

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