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...and it will get worse.

That is why free speech proponents defend it so vehemently.

Because it is a slippery slope and any ground you give up - that becomes the new normal.


>And most people don't believe in hanging out with people they don't like.

Then they shouldn't do that.


>why can't the SJW's and their ilk who came late to the party go find their own place?

Because their cause is evangelical in nature.

Were it just kept to Tumblr then they wouldn't have much with which to stoke the fires.

SJW's are specifically about pointing out to others where they are wrong/insensitive/racist/sexist/ableist/etc.. if they just kept to themselves then who would they persecute with their 'justice'?


>they need to kickban all the hate frothing racists and misogynists and clamp down hard on "free speech"

This sounds dangerously like fascism IMHO.


Absent the kind of hyper-exaggeration that makes people invoke Godwin's law, no, it doesn't. Your freedom of thought and expression is not imperiled if you get bounced out of a private club for being hateful.


This has nothing to do with Nazis, please get a grip.

Fascism is a clearly defined concept, and there are many examples other than Nazism. In point of fact: it is not necessary to invoke Nazism in order to define fascism.

The kind of autocratic and intolerant behaviour that you suggest is clearly reminiscent of fascism.

Anyway, I have seen the arguments you raise before and I don't really see that we'll arrive at any kind of agreement here.


"This sounds dangerously like fascism IMHO."

No, no, no... you've got it all wrong. See, smart and good people would be deciding what is acceptable and what isn't.

Totally different.


What is wrong with being white and male?


There are complications about the origin of both concepts, but in context, absolutely nothing.

What's wrong is not noticing that your conversation is nothing but white and male. It implies that there are people who have been driven out, one way or another, and you aren't surprised by their absence.


>There are complications about the origin of both concepts

Are you suggesting that my race and gender are ...'problematic?'


Nah, at this point I'm suggesting that you're looking to argue.

Read this: https://medium.com/message/how-white-people-got-made-6eeb076...


Why is she paying?

They offered to waive those monies if she dropped the appeal.

She is dropping the appeal and paying.

Weird lady.


K&P offered to not seek legal fees if she agreed not to appeal. She appealed. At that point, the offer was dead. Withdrawing the appeal later doesn't change that.

Maybe she and her husband will file bankruptcy. Again.


> I had neither the time nor resources to talk with reporters or journalists. Kleiner reportedly had four full-time PR people plus their defense lawyer arguing their points and providing information and their perspective to the press in real-time during the trial. Their efforts contributed to online aggression against me personally, and even toward my family, leading to what is now viewed as the one of the largest trolling attacks in history.

I find it spectacularly weird that she thinks the reddit backlash against her was orchestrated by a PR firm.

Just so spectacularly weird.


Find an organism that passes through the passage and a way to track that.

Hitch your wagon to something living that will be able to find a way.


A fish with a GPS tracker perhaps? If they attach them to ground animals, why not water?


They also/already attach them to whales, sharks and dolphins, at the least. I bet someone, somewhere, have done it to a fish...


The limit is probably the size of the tracker. The ones I saw look about as big as a standard river fish..


Try otters. They'll eat the zebra mussels when they're done.


I agree with you to a certain extent.

I also very much enjoyed his thoughts on privacy/anonymity and the multi-faceted nature of human personalities.

You can find some quotes here: http://observer.com/2011/10/4chans-moot-facebook-and-google-...

Those concepts are more important in my opinion, to the gestating human identity that we will all be part of via technological evolution.


Ha! I have always been jealous of the people who got firstname.lastname@gmail.com but now I see that privilege has a price.

I have a very common first name / last name combo (it's awful, it's not 'John Smith' but frankly it may as well be.)

I worked at a large corporate where there were four people who shared that combo.

We constantly got each others email and meeting requests.

One of them wouldn't have any of it but the other two and myself got to the point where we'd forward an email with a comment like: "Hey, your wife isn't able to fetch the baby from creche this afternoon, see below."

In a weird way I kind of miss it.



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