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This is the online version of a project I/we (http://icelab.com.au) made for the National Museum of Australia. Originally built as a WebKit-only touchscreen, it's been deployed to one of their permanent galleries running in Google Chrome for the last couple of months.

Some technical details:

* All animation is done with CSS transitions.

* Each page is actually a separate HTML file thats pulled in via AJAX.

* A small JS wrapper handles the transitions between page states.

* The background "panograph" is built in canvas.

* We're using the History API for pushing real state into the history stack.

* It works in IE6+ with the help of JavaScript animation and VML


We're a design/dev studio and we've just started selling a monthly coffee subscription. We conceived the business in one week and launched it in the next!


There really are some great entries this year. I particularly like the implementation for "Hi, I'm" and "Table Surfing". This is our effort: http://decafsucks.com/. A site for finding and review caf├ęs.


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