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Depends on tools you use, I found Apache Thrift and Protobuf pretty to be sophisticated tools for integration between services.


Yet they are still entirely impractical for what we do. There is no one size fits all methodology which results in a heterogeneous communication layer. This means that you end up with technology fragmentation and therefore additional complexity.


I totally agree that software development is somewhat non-trivial. I'm not saying that small programs would solve all problems you might face. Would you system be more maintainable? I think yes.

> Getting the sweet spot between monolithic coupled blobs and fragmented latent deathtraps is an art which can't be puked out in a blog post. It takes literally years of experience and some guesswork and testing and thinking.

I agree in the blog post, proper decomposition is the key if you want to write a good systems, and to be honest is really hard to achieve.


SOA is great, people in Java EE world use it wrong.

Instead of making small isolated services they do one single gigantic WAR file.

Instead of using right tool to do the job everything is written in Java.

Instead of having services with implemented business logic they do services that convert one DTO to another.

That sucks...


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