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I wish people could live my life before cable and the internet.

We are so so much better off now than the 3 networks is all you get days.

Somebody in N.Y. decided what important to me, not me.

When i wanted a sports score or tomorrows weather I had to listen to 30 minutes of news.

As I get older I want to consume Far Less news.... And I can now pick and chose. A much better place than the 1960s or 70s

This is actually a good point. For as much as people criticise echo chambers and fake news and what not, you have to ask yourself whether it was really any 'better' in the old days, or whether you simply didn't know otherwise.

Was it better when the government or the church decided what people were allowed to know?

When there was one media outlet in a certain medium, like in the UK when there was originally only one TV network in existence?

I mean, even the days when it was just newspapers didn't necessarily have an informed populace or people open to other views. It had people who read the same tabloid for decades and got stories that would likely make Breitbart jealous.

Fake news may be a hot topic nowadays, but at the end of the day, it's really just a byproduct of anyone being able to become a publisher, and it's probably better that's the case than that one or two organisations can dictate what's newsworthy and what isn't.

Well, it really was better, for this reason: because you had limited options and limited control, you had to sit/listen/watch/read through segments and articles that you didn’t necessarily agree with, forcing you to be exposed to other ideas. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but there just simply was not an echo chamber like what exists today. Like any healthy diet, your news needs to include things you might not necessarily like, but you could wash them down with the other frivolous bits. Today you can just binge on candy all the time and like any kind of addict, people get really upset when you try to take it away.

Further, there was a pretty big stigma associated with buying tabloids, but today you can indulge without anyone having any idea what you’re looking at.

Yeah the “fake news” narrative only serves the large media corporations that want to maintain their monopoly on content. Over time more news sources, including “fake” ones, will actually improve culture and society.

I bet this person's letter carrier and/or the post office where she resides will know or have a very high and good guess at who she is

Exactly. Friend wanted spending $ to europe. Became uber driver. Within one week had extra spending $.

This lines up with the incredibly high turnover rate too. People like this are the positive use case for Uber.

Unfortunately, I believe they make up a small minority of drivers, at least in most metro areas.

Nobody wants to let Google win again.

I do. Google greatly enhanced my life, esp. Driving and directions.

I was an adult BI and speak from experience

Tell him to go.

College and dorm living is where, in our family, we meet and fall in love with our spouse. The marriages that worked passed this on for 4 generations. This is an unspoken teaching to all that grow up in all of our roofs.

For me, my kids, my siblings and our parents and (probably both gp) the best thing that happened in college was meeting our spouses.

I'm the guy people want to ne friends with. Im very friendly. I don't want friends. Most end the same way: we connect, share & remember things, then i turn cold and act less interested. Then we become good acquaintances. This pattern existed way back in high schoolHi

Having friends is not on my list of success Or even a positive achievement. Being friendly is at the top of the list.

I say to people i meet and to others now, make sure the potential friend really wants the job.

The joy of reading (comments)


A feeling of elite-ness as not one other person i know (jobs, family or patrons) have ever heard of HN. It's my exclusive ivy-league braggard self worth identity

Help me

For every 100,

Driver gets x Uber cut is y X+y = z

Z ÷??? = 100

Where does the 100 go?

The best example in my stats class on why sampling was used: working for the phone company he had to determine if poles were rotting. Practically speaking he could not use a random sample: he sent a pole climber to an area and while there, climb a few or several in the area. It would not be practical to climb one here, another 3 miles away, etc..

Those questions seem self asked.

I'd want to know if?they tried or interested in tiny short term gifts to help a person today, right now. We have gofumdme. But no way to give the coworker $200 to fix her car; $35 for gas; $100 till next oay; or one year of Uber so they dont spend 1.5 hrs pay to from work. Some silent gates ambassador who knows help when it's needed

What do you mean? What's stopping you from giving your coworker $200 to fix her car? Or do you mean you want Bill Gates to give her $200 for her car?

A new way to give..a new way to receive... Sometimes i see it simply as a match game of need v supply. Our filter system for need is still pre internet

> But no way to give the coworker $200 to fix her car; $35 for gas; $100 till next oay; or one year of Uber so they dont spend 1.5 hrs pay to from work.

Why don't you do it?

Because of my insight i get to know a group of people barely making it. i do help when i can.

I see absolutely no financial help for the one time and many time needs of this group. Yet there are plenty of people with a lot of money.

If i asked them a question it would be have they considered helping people with tiny gifts. Did u read the article? They made up and answered 10 questions. I made one

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