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VAX manuals - rows of orange folders everywhere!!!

> When I see that discussion about basic income I am always wandering, who is going to pay for that?

The real question is why are we hindering the whole of humanity in terms of social development, medical and technical research, environmental management and..pretty much everything.. because we are beholden to an artificial system of numerical control (ie: money and finance) which we invented as a tool for stability and control, but has become a total, fucked-up liablity because the numbers don't line up properly and has large parts of the world limiting themselves artificially (ie: austerity measures) just to make the digits on a spreadsheet tick over in the right way.

We need to reset, respawn and start again.

Edit: And because my original post doesn't make it clear, I mean we need something other than 'money', ie: get rid of the whole damn concept, or reengineer it completely - something a few notches below 'shoot all the bankers and accountants'.

..and now back to my day job in support.

...closely followed by "why after 3 days of on/off trying can't I get my bluetooth headset working under Windows 8.1"

/Got it working once, for an afternoon.

When there's any hint of rain, I carry (and wear, if needed), a lightweight raincoat made from a breathable fabric. This means that when I am not wearing it I can fold it over my arm and not have to battle through a busy street, or on public transport with a stick-like thing.

Me, too. I really don't like umbrellas and wonder why people don't use rain jackets more often. I enjoy the feeling of rain falling on me and I get to stay completely dry. Umbrellas only can do so much, especially if you're carrying things or have a large backpack (which contains a folded up cover for itself). Rain with wind, forget it.

But then how do you deflect bullets?


"Imagine if designers tried to do everything in PowerPoint for some unknown reason."

A fair percentage of the employees where I work seem to have reached that point already - reports, training material, data for general discussion, GANTT charts with individual symbols that I guess must be manually moved every week. Gah!


In my experience (Flash Platforms Group, HSGT), a significant number of flash device failures are caused by mechanical issues, such as: on-die faults, wire bonding problems and solder joint/package stresses which may occasinally be down to a production issue, but are more often attributed to rough handling during installation or thermal stress. This is less of an issue with SFF SSDs, but especially true of PCIe products crammed into 2U servers with poor airflow.

In general, thermals tend to be a significant issue for all form factors when devices are retrofitted. Less so for 'products' (All flash arrays etc.) which are designed as whole products from the outset.

This creates a failure pattern that is totally separate from predictable wear due to use and means that 'they'll all die at the same time' becomes much less certain for some categories of device.


That's what I had considered as well. Specifically, that the wear out failures are on the right hand of the curve, meaning that other issues would tend to dominate. What you said makes a lot of sense: failures due to thermal/electrical stress, manufacturing issues, and handling.

Also, there's the controllers, which tend to be a significant source for issues.

So yeah, maybe theoretically, the wear out would be a concern for raid. However, practically this is rarely an issue as other failures randomize the distribution enough to where this never causes a problem in-situ.


I walk down an alleyway next to a Subway every day on my way to work and all I can smell is some sour/yeasty/herby concoction that doesn't inspire me to want to go in. I think I've been in a Subway shop about 3 times in my 49-year life.


I worked at a Subway while in high school, and I agree the smell is not very inviting. Even the dough, once thawed, has a strange odor to it, though the biggest cause of that funky odor you smell is the bread proofer located beneath the oven. It circulates warm moist air around the bread to help it rise. The thing is, it's not cleaned regularly (at least it wasn't at three different stores I worked in), and when left unchecked mold forms on the bottom.


Exactly! They never smell like a fresh bread/sandwich shop should. I think I've had two in my life.


Did anyone else get a few seconds of autoplay sound/advert?

Something fired up on my tablet (Boat Browser on a rooted Samsung running adaway), but before I could investigate it stopped again.


Heck, the Commodore 64 had one in the SID chip - I used to use it for random numbers.



Just to be clear, the SID's noise generator is NOT a TRNG - it's a XOR shift register, basically an LFSR with no 1-tap. It's predictable.


I was taught the marketing angle: "So what?", followed by "Prove it!"



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