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Hey all,

I've created this to make it easier to digest the Bitcoin-development mailing list. You can see it in action at http://reddit.com/r/bitcoin_devlist . I'd love if people found it useful, and I'd love PR's.



> Upgrade your account to practice natural and effective birth control, get pregnant easily, or take control of your reproductive health.

"Get pregnant easily" is not something you should be advertising. There are tons of reasons why someone can have trouble getting pregnant that are completely external to your app. Just a heads up.


Yes, very true. Perhaps the wording should be revisited. Thanks for the feedback!


Email me if you'd like to go over some ideas, I like such things. My address is in my profile. Cheers!


He is probably referring to the monthly "Who is hiring?" And "seeking freelancer?" Threads posted in /ask


Automattic open sources their privacy policies and tos across their multiple sites. See http://automattic.com/privacy/ as an example.


> The system uses the Leap Motion controller to track hand gestures. Implementations of the system include a version using 3D glasses, a free-standing glass projection (as seen in Iron Man) and the Oculus Rift headset for the full virtual reality experience. To top it all off, the team then printed the part in titanium using a 3D laser metal printer.

A prominent quote from the article with links to both LEAP and Oculus Rift. I'm not sure


1. How is that calculated?

2. Is there a ready way to simulate it?


I'm really surprised that only 1% of sales is from the Mac App store. A good wake up call for me, certainly. Now I want to see a game that is on iOS and XBox live, and the differences in revenue.


Oh yeah?! That sounds awesome. Your profile email is NOT public, though.

If you could let me know what it is I'll get right to you. My email is kriggen@gmail.com



In this landscape, that can be a lucrative specialty to have. Do you actively market yourself as such?

> Sometimes it's better to cut the team down from 5 to maybe 2-3 instead of adding more people

Tried and true.

> If there isn't one, stand up an automated test harness with as many tests as possible

What do you think about adding on another developer to just do testing? What about a full-time QA person, so that you don't have to build automated tests?


I haven't really thought of marketing myself that way, but that is a great idea, Thanks.

I guess I've never thought about it because I'd imagined that it'd be such a niche skill that it would be difficult to build a consulting practice around it. People are always looking to build new things. But, they're maybe not as welcoming to talk about their failing projects.

Anyway, I have probably (inadvertently) turned around a good 12-15 projects that way. So, I definitely have results. But, the results aren't typically super pretty. That is, it gets people to the next step, to the next set of funding, to the horizon, at least. Some of these projects and companies that I've helped have been sold, and resold, because of these types of efforts, though.

As for adding a developer to the testing role - it is an interesting idea; I've never tried it. Typically, at this point people are scraping the bottom of what they have left to spend. So, it may be a hard sell. I could try it.


Hah, as I was reading your post I was thinking "they should hire this guy to fix it up". Triaging projects is definitely a valuable skill, and like any time/mission critical skill, likely to be highly paid if you can market as such.



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