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Headed south and got an,

"Ooops. Did you do this? The mother-frog is unable to deliver you to the primordial pond. Please try later to play with other Rumpertrolls."

I wonder if I hit an integer overflow...


the server is overloaded. we were not expecting this kind of traffic.. we are working on it now (we should be sleeping, midnight in scandinavia! :)

/hugo ahlberg


Forgot to mention, awesome little demo!


An interesting post, though it is worth mentioning that there are more fully featured ADCs for doing this sort of thing.

The guys at Zeus have a software traffic manager that you can write rules in Java, Scala and Jython...probably other JVM languages by the look of it. A lot less pain than iRules.

There is an article talking about the way they have written an application that runs on their traffic manager that integrates with the Twilio telephony API.


They also have a nice article about putting watermarks on PDFs which has much more coolness.



Good to see links to the other solutions available. I would certainly agree that Zeus has more than other ADCs in terms of network-side scripting options.

I think "a lot less pain than iRules" really depends on your expertise and ability to grasp languages. Someone familiar with TCL or similar scripting languages will be more at ease with iRules than anything Zeus offers, while someone proficient with PHP or Java would certainly be far more comfortable with Zeus' solutions.

It's all a matter of perspective. Both are great options and I hardily encourage developers and architects alike to check out all the options and dive in.


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