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Awesome work! I've been playing around with Unikraft for a while now, support it natively on most of my C++ projects (at https://github.com/sourcemeta) and already deploying a bunch of serious things to KraftCloud. The whole experience is stunning. Very easy to use and VERY fast.

How many times are you recharging 500 MBs per year for the fleet? Also, what protocol and serialization technologies are you using the transmit the GPS data? For example, JSON, Protocol Buffers, etc?

This is ridiculous. More people should be following Brittany's approach and record these things. These HR shit shows are only going to end when people make them public and hurt the image of these companies. You did great Brittany.

Author here! We write Objective-C++ to connect existing Objective-C code (that uses BOOL) to C++ (where we want to just expose `bool`), which got us into this fun rabbit hole :)

jviotti, the reason BOOL was not changed to bool sooner was because it would break ABI compatibility. So on Mac for example, they had to wait until the x86_64 to arm64 to finally do it.

When I did Objective-C applications with C++ business logic, I recall our company's rule was to keep Objective-C code totally separate from the C++ code, in separate files, different headers, even different static libraries if possible--really quarantine them from each other. Then have a single, standalone, hideous Objective-C++ file that served as the smallest possible interface between the two. It's the only way we could keep sane. This was a trauma response from a previous project where no such discipline was maintained, and people just causally intermixed C++, Objective-C, C, and Objective-C++ willy-nilly all over the code, with now predictable results.

I work on a decade-old codebase where we freely mix C++, Obj-C++ and Obj-C as it makes sense and I can't say it's ever been an issue. Obj-C++ has some oddities, but on the whole mixing obj-c and c++ features works totally fine and I've never encountered a reason to want to separate them.

This is the best way for having a objc and c++ in same project.

I'm in the process of releasing my first book, with O'Reilly, this year (https://learning.oreilly.com/library/view/unifying-business-...). I didn't do it for the money (but for the recognition), but I'm very interested to know how it will economically fare.

Happy New Year everybody from Argentina, and may your wildest dreams come true!

Great article. I try to follow this advice as much as I can. My personal website (https://www.jviotti.com) runs almost purely on well established UNIX tools like Make, Pandoc, Sed, etc. Repository here: https://github.com/jviotti/website.

Merry Christmas to everybody in this wonderful community. I sincerily hope all your dreams come true and that you have a bright and successful year ahead!

Do you have examples? I use Safari as a daily driver, don't even have Google Chrome installed, and everything works great for me.

From my own experience, it seems a lot and overwhelming at first, but it quickly becomes natural the more you use it, just like with any other language. Plus like others said, you don't need to use every single feature out there.

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