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If you gave birth, 16 weeks. If you didn't, 8.

Now there is an equal metric regardless of the sex. Happy?


my boss is in that email thread. I was talking to him last week because he was mentioned heavily in the Dive into HTML5 guide. He was talking about the real first WWW conference in Boston in 92/93 with about 25 people where he first met Marc Andreesen, Tim Berners-Lee and they collectively wrote the form tag.


There's a difference between a 4 color interface and a 4 hue interface.


Buttons didn't have gradients or 3D effects or often even colors for nearly 10-15+ years on Macs and PCs and people were able to use them just fine. The did often have highlights and borders, however. A button in Classic Mac OS was unmistakably a button without most of those cues.

It's possible to have a nice, useable flat design. However, great care must be taken to use visual cues and be consistent in the UI. It's also possible to have high contrast. Low contrast is not flat design, it's a poor implementations of colors with a flat aesthetic.


keenerd 361 days ago | link

> Buttons didn't have ... 3D effects

Buttons on windows have always had 3D effects.


Note the 24 instances of shadows cast from a north-west light source, as if the buttons were objects with depth.


juiceandjuice 359 days ago | link



Designmodo and the Flat-UI is pretty mediocre to poor at contrast. I forked the project and ended up ripping out a lot of the components which were low contrast and modifying the palette to have high contrast, then modifying the borders to my own inset/outset values to have a more muted level change on the buttons but still have them look somewhere between flat and and normal buttons. I did experiment with an inside white border on buttons for an Classic Mac OS feel (the original monochrome "Flat UI" )

Much of the flat aesthetic is rooted in swiss graphic poster design, however that doesn't translate so well to pages where dense text actually matters, especially with poor color choices. Much of designmodo's color scheme actually fails the contrast algorithm for small text, except at larger text it's generally okay. Bootstrap itself is pretty abysmal as far as this goes as well.

The flat aesthetic is nice, but those who continue on with it with disregard to contrast will not succeed. Accessibility and the flat aesthetic is possible, it takes more work and compromise, however.


soulclap 361 days ago | link

Is your fork public or are there any screens, etc. available? Sounds good.


Learn to embrace writing maven plugins.

I've written a few maven plugins that are just jython wrappers that import a few flags into the jython script (like the build directory) and then execute them. I've even written a generic python plugin that executes a script at a given path and imports any declared maven variables into it.

Sometimes it feels wrong, I know, but it's worth it.

I also wrote a new site plugin for myself that diffs between versions and throws all that up on a site for a auto changelog thing. It's useful for those rare "What the fuck did you do to the code in this release" occasions.


Signs that you have a general pattern of curiosity and playfulness could also likely include a molecular biologist with a picture of Lil Jon on her wall.

Following a general pattern is still a pattern. Patterns aren't as interesting as anti-patterns.


> In regards to having 5 kids yourself - please reconsider this. If you do want a large family, rather consider adopting a few to round out your natural child birth. Society could do well with more good parents and a few less unwanted children.

I'm horribly offended you would say such a thing to someone directly. It's not your body, it's not your business, and it's silly to assume she hasn't already considered something like this.


UnFleshedOne 365 days ago | link

It is not a body and personal choices that is under the question, it is sheer number of people and problems it carries. That does make it everybody's business and easily allows for disapproving statements if nothing else. Population density is a problem for the environment and eventually for people themselves, lowering average quality of life both due to deteriorated environment and strain on resources.

The strategy of relying on expansive growth to support the social net is easy, but ultimately unsustainable (not that I have better ideas though).

Naturally overpopulation is controlled by famines and diseases, technology just moves the mark, it doesn't eliminate it yet (there are still famines around). So everything will work out in the end, but it might be rather unpleasant.

Your comment makes talking about population control feel like a taboo (I'm not sure, is it normally considered as such?), and at first one might oppose it on the same principle one would oppose regular bigotry-of-the-day (homophobia, xenophobia and what have you). I think it should be treated instead akin to telling people they can't just dump industrial waste into a river even if the river is on their own property (for a lack of better example...).


juiceandjuice 364 days ago | link

Population taboo isn't the problem. The problem is pleading and attempting to dictate to a person what they should and shouldn't do with their personal life. Considering the USA has actually had the fertility rate drop below replacement levels recently, I think it's a bit silly to tell someone to actually have less babies, and at the same time suggest adoption as a (more costly) alternative.

I'd sincerely suggest you reconsider looking into adjusting the quality of life in countries where high birth rate is actually a problem before telling someone how many babies they should or shouldn't have in a country with a fertility rate below replacement levels.


philwelch 364 days ago | link

> Considering the USA has actually had the fertility rate drop below replacement levels recently

The USA is not a closed system. If Americans want a lot of kids, the most ethical choice is to adopt many of them from overseas.


juiceandjuice 362 days ago | link

Then go adopt some.


philwelch 362 days ago | link



hackinthebochs 365 days ago | link

In a world of scarce resources, frankly it is all of our business. The taboo of openly discussing how many kids one chooses to have should be done away with.


That's some amazing performance out of the JVM.


kokoloko 366 days ago | link

Pretty amazing. I would like to see a raw C benchmark to see how far is the JVM from the limits.


Poyeyo 365 days ago | link

I want to see a Wt (witty) benchmark.

C++ is welcome here too.


krg 365 days ago | link

Wt was suggested before, and we'd love to include it. Care to submit a pull request?



continuations 366 days ago | link

Onion is C


I have a Hickok 580-A Tube Tester that I've been having a hell of a time trying to get calibrated correctly. Someday I'll figure it out (it doesn't help they used factory tubes for a lot of the calibration)

I love my Tektronix 2430A. I have some of the Tek 160 modules for the modular oscilloscope from the 50s, although I haven't really tried that. If you saw the guts, it's a point-to-point wiring masterpiece.



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