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Applications for such type of tech are usually

military (is China's Navy moving in the Pacific).

commercial (where I my oil tanker in relation to the storm), or

post-event (let's say tsunami or tornado. Electricity might be down, where to send ambulances and search for survivors)

Those scenarios are mostly covered. Military has its own communication systems. (And satellite tracking for the navy) Weather - you can already receive precise satellite view of storms wherever you want.

Interesting. Why do you think so? That would make the whole New Space economy irrelevant.


I'm not sure what you're asking about. Weather satellites existed for a long time https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_satellite

For navy movement, spy satellites already existed in the 50s and got magnitudes better since then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reconnaissance_satellite

They want "apps" apparently.

That was interesting. I expected the 2020/21 cohorts to be more exuberant, but it seems I was not correct in that assumption.

the pendulum of choice

Having now read the paper, the research area is interesting because optimizations in optimal path finding have applications in robotics, gaming, and reasoning (what the ultimate intention of this paper is).

The research team identified ways to tokenized path finding algorithms for two tasks maze solving and sokoban (a game where a crate has to be pushed to goal) and then trained a model on the execution traces of these algorithms.

The insight this provided was that the "searchformer" model was about 26% faster than the traditional methods. If that is applied to Route-planning, Robotics, and Game Development, it could have tangible performance benefits.

IMHO, it is not a wild breakthrough but an interesting solution to a real-world problem.

Substack exists. There are places where you can match content with payment. Comparing Medium and Substack, I make money with my Autonomous Agents newsletter on Substack, not so much on Medium. I also used to run a Web3 site where people would be paid good money for good content (paying on avg 25 USD per 5 days), but not many takers for this kind of business model.

It is a collection of screenshots and embeds of tweets with replies and the statement that something has broken. Seemingly a confirmation by OpenAI that something has broken. A complaint that the system prompt is now 1700 tokens. ----- Feels like there is nothing to see here.

Wow March 23rd, 2008. I was in Japan. Height of the financial crisis.


Interestingly a lot of movies flopped in 2023 not because of bad visuals, but because their writing was bad. Hence, I believe the demise of the movie industry is overstated. I can see completely new forms of entertainment coming out of this. Probably Youtube will be the biggest winner as the social network with the highest monetization and reach.

Interesting. Wonder what happens when you combine search and summarization? https://open.substack.com/pub/jdsemrau/p/searching-youtube-w...

I've long found YouTube to search audio, text, and objects in videos.

Hallucinations are caused by missing context. In this case enough context should be available. But I haven't kicked all its tires yet.

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