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SEEKING FREELANCER: Finance-industry startup seeks data scientist for ongoing part-time lead role.

We’re looking for an engineer with a finance background (or a finance person with an engineering background!) to help out behind the scenes at Open Exchange Rates.

Open Exchange Rates[0] is the fastest-growing currency data API on the web, loved by the likes of Etsy, Shopify, Kickstarter and thousands more.

We have a super-exciting backend engineering project involving overhauling a large part of our platform, over which you'll have complete autonomy within the requirements.

Project scope, budget and timeframe are all negotiable for the right contractor, but likely to be 2-3 months, plus ongoing work available.



* Python, client-side and server-side JavaScript (+PHP and PhantomJS a bonus); intermediate sysadmin skills

* Proficiency with relational and non-relational databases

* Understanding of foreign exchange markets

* Designing and implementing algorithms for financial data analysis

* Understanding of APIs, methods of online data collection, and authorisation mechanisms

* Ideally: Expert front-end development skills in HTML/CSS/JS (negotiable in project scope)

* Remote possible; UK preferred; London ideal.

* Chutzpah



Get in touch with josscrowcroft@gmail, with a little about yourself, your work, your story and what makes you come alive. Relevant experience also appreciated.

[0] https://openexchangerates.org


Beautiful writing - thank you for sharing.


How can your average startup and company owner rest assured that they're not unconsciously walking into a patent troll's lair? I might be unknowingly infringing patents nobody has heard of (except companies like these).

Business idea: a service that investigates your stack (with your permission) and verifies that you're not likely to be sued.


ghshephard 144 days ago | link

Mission impossible, as any business that operates is likely infringing on thousands, it not tens of thousands of patents every single day.

Patent law has transformed into basic extortion, and it's interesting (for some definition of interesting) to see that such extortion is actually legal in the United States.


talmand 144 days ago | link

I agree, at this point if you do anything tech related you are infringing somebody's patent on something. Whether you get sued or not depends on how much money you have.

As for the legal extortion using lawsuits. That's an old game in the US, there are people who make an active living out of suing somebody for something and offering to settle. Get a copyright infringement letter from somebody? I guarantee you that the settlement offer will be much less than defending yourself in court, even if they are mistaken in their accusation. It's an industry that people have been abusing for years, if not decades.

The courts themselves have to do something to stop this but I see no signs they are interested in reducing the need for more resources to be spent on things the courts need to address these cases.


hmsimha 144 days ago | link

On the flipside then, a business that investigates a company's potential patent violations and makes them known to patent holders, but offers companies a paid way to opt out from their investigation (beforehand) sounds much more likely (and much more ignoble)


justincormack 144 days ago | link

its hard to guess what trolls will do. You could come to Europe.


TheLegace 144 days ago | link

What about Australia, Canada or New Zealand? And what happens if you would like to offer products and services in the US(which is a huge market). I'm assuming just like Samsung they are still liable if they want to sell something.

I'm genuinely curious and concerned.


justincormack 143 days ago | link

Offering products in the US is a problem, so Europe is perhaps more attractive as the market is larger...


josscrowcroft 146 days ago | link | parent | on: 33 Questions

People have so much time on their hands.


Reminds me of the Five-Minute Logo guy - I actually prefer these, but both are superb.



Absolutely beautiful - I love the history channel in particular


mckee1 151 days ago | link

Yeah this was the first channel I really stopped on and it was hilarious when I realised the bearded chap was mouthing along.


Congrats on taking the leap, enjoyed the post a lot. I did this almost 2 years ago, and never looked back - as soon as I fully committed myself to life without a job, https://openexchangerates.org took on a life of its own and remains my primary focus.

FYI, it took about 8 months to start making money (could have been much sooner, but I dragged my feet a lot) and another 6 months from first paying customer to totally covering my lifestyle and making enough to reinvest.

If you'd be interested, we have some freelance engineering tasks coming up - shoot me an email (josscrowcroft at gmail) and we can discuss further. I'm in London for a few more weeks at least.


josscrowcroft 236 days ago | link | parent | on: Defeated

This happened to me at Heathrow in London, except there's no option to "opt-out". You either do it, or you don't fly. It's randomly selected, so although I triggered no safety protocols, I was picked out for backscatter.

I was a hair's width from turning around and flying from Gatwick instead at a few hundred bucks cost (nothing compared to observing my rights) - but the engagement was too important.


DanBC 236 days ago | link

I guess that refusing the scan turns the encounter from random into 'suspicious person', giving them "reasonable grounds" to do all sorts of interrogation.


abrichr 236 days ago | link

When was this? Heathrow doesn't currently use back scatter [1].

[1] http://www.heathrowairport.com/heathrow-airport-guide/heathr...


josscrowcroft 236 days ago | link

They do, unfortunately. Not for everybody, but randomly selected (I guess 1 in 1000 or fewer) and when singled out, it's a requirement. I'm white and british, so you can't call it profiling either..

It's way off at the side, so nobody really knows it's going on. Your only recourse is to take it up with the home office.


hyperventilator 236 days ago | link

While not being able to opt out is more restrictive, it is probably much quicker, go through or don't fly, done.




Beautiful post, thank you! Love the idea of a 3-dimensional matrix. It really is that complicated, and simple.

Harder than you thought it would be, but easier than most just-starting-out passive-earners would expect, if that makes sense.


mkrecny 263 days ago | link

thank you :-)



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