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"Lots of little tricks you can do that will tweak the system to your advantages."

Can you suggest any resources for these tricks?


We're very happy to be partnering with Segment for Segment SQL - it saves our Redshift customers a lot of work.

Just an FYI - we’re offering a 30 day free trial for Segment customers. Just sign up here: http://www.periscope.io/#signup


If you've been visiting HN for a while, you'll probably recognize most of my examples of out-of-the-box resumes. It's been a while for some of them, but they all got a lot of attention here when they were produced.

I just started looking for a job in the Bay Area and decided to go the extra mile to increase my chances of getting the job I want.

The examples I included were part of my inspiration for creating the SaaS growth course I made to help me with the job search.


I don't have one, but I can tell you that it completely depends on your unique situation. Can you provide more details to help people answer the question?

What industry/product are you looking at? What type position (dev, design, business) do you have or want to have? If you're currently employed, does the company prefer it for you to move up? Are you looking to learn or just add to your resume (or in between)?

One major reason (some of my friends with MBAs from top schools say the only reason) to get an MBA is for the network. With an EMBA, you don't spend as much time around other students as you do with an MBA, so you don't get a chance to build as strong as a network.


Great advice. I moved to Thailand last year by myself (and moved back in March). I absolutely loved Thailand, but there many stressful times trying to get things set up. I had a good friend already there (American who spoke some Thai), which helped immensely, but he was around only so much to help.

One of my funnier memories was getting set up for Internet. After I waited for a rep who could speak English well enough to help, I sat down and got her pitch for a 6 month up front payment deal.

I listened politely and when she was finished talking about the extras I'd get, I thanked her and declined the offer. Then she said that they require all foreigners to pay 6 months up front.

"Oh, well in that case I'll take the 6 month deal"


Not saying a 5B valuation makes sense, but I think Tinder is employing the thin edge of the wedge strategy [1] (like Instagram did with photos) and is using their huge success with dating to become a more generic social network.

They've already been public with vague plans to move beyond dating. Also, their new verified accounts for celebrities make a lot more sense with a generic social network than with a dating app.

[1] http://cdixon.org/2010/12/27/the-thin-edge-of-the-wedge-stra...


They acquired Hipchat - https://blogs.atlassian.com/2012/03/press-release-atlassian-...


"I think the important thing early on is to set expectations"

Agree 100%. Overall, people don't like things taken away from them, but if you set expectations up front, they tend to take change better.


This post is pretty light on information. Definitely need more to make a good recommendation. Just like there are different types of developers (different languages, different areas of the stack, etc.), there are different types of marketers. It really depends on your specific needs. I'm happy to answer any questions about finding a good marketer (I have 9 years of marketing experience). My email is in my profile.


Yeah. Said he downloaded it from a site that I don't remember.



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