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Location: Albany, GA, USA

Remote: Yes.

Willing to relocate: Yes.


Résumé/CV: http://resume.jeffool.com

Email: JwBridges@gmail.com (or, yes, Jeffool@gmail.com)

Currently: webdev for a local business

Former: 6+yr TV news producer.

Former: 5+yr TV production/studio manager.

What does "producer" mean in this context?

I was directly responsible for the quality of multi-million dollar brands/(shows). In that role I was responsible for assigning reporters and photographers to work each day. I evaluate their progress regularly, edit the work they turn in (or make them), and also do original research and writing. Like a project manager, except I shipped every day at 6pm. I also did (very) little marketing work between producer jobs. Now I want a new job in a new career other than journalism. I've been working webdev for several months.

I went to school for compsci. About a decade ago. Sometimes I download VS and finagle with it, but never produce anything of value. I mess with HTML & CSS as part of my job now. A lot of it is actually different CMS like Amazon, eBay, Channel Advisor, etc.

Bonus: If you do something important. I'd love to feel as accomplished as I did when informing viewers about the world around them.

keywords: technical writing, producer, manager, product manager,


I think that's reasonable. If my watch could do everything my phone could do, I'd rather wear a small watch than carry a larger phone. Then again, I'd prefer glasses over a watch.


Agreed. The guy really seems to "get" things, which is always great to hear about an artist whose work you enjoy.

In addition to being a great album Wu-Tang Clan's album Forever was the first CD to offer multimedia when inserted into a PC! Not to say "enhanced CDs" are the pinnacle of technology, but it's an example of them being forward looking, so their willingness to try new things doesn't surprise me.


While a surprising turn to me that he ends up at Facebook... I think a lot of people forget that id Software sold to Bethesda in 2009. He's known as one of the most independent game developers, but he's been "an employee" for some time now.


I think people have reasons. I think their hesitance in relation to Facebook is not completely unwarranted. Mostly people are exaggerating anything I'm worried about, but, hardware owned by non-hardware companies is often tied into software platforms in really damn annoying ways.

To me that would be a legitimate concern with any non-hardware company purchase of a hardware company.


Consider that id Software sold to Bethesda about four years before he left it. He's a proponent of openness, yes. But he's been as much employee as employer since 2009.


I first noticed the approach on The Verge and their sister site Polygon, and was okay with that. Cut to now, and even a local TV station does it. (Not that local TV stations are known for excellent layouts.) It kinda drives me crazy. I wish people realized just because some companies offer "web solution" doesn't mean they'll inherently fix your problems.


And in the same vein, while I'm not defending those who put their entire life savings into Bitcoin, to put their entire balance into an online wallet strikes me as the worse way to go about that. Paper wallets aren't comparable to dollar bills. They're comparable to security vaults from everyone online who would seek to separate people from their money.


>* It's trivial to point out all the ways some existing system is broken and how much better it could be given a imaginary greenfield to recreate it.

Yeah, it is literally the same as saying "I have an idea for a web service/site."


Any interest in the thought of Bitcoin (currently) as only 30% currency, and 70% commodity?



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