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I don't know if anyone who worked on this project is going to read this but if you are: good job! This looked like it was really hard.

Keep in mind that was over 60 years ago. Computers now have much more CPU and storage space and ethernet bandwidth is also much bigger (currently hundreds of gigabits per second) and constantly increasing. We live in an unprecedented age of battlefield transparency. I don't have any clearance at all but I am allowed to pull out my credit card and buy time on a satellite to take photos of an area in Ukraine to confirm destroyed equipment or track wildfires. There has never been a time like this in human history.

I remember the last time I was on a military base I saw a poster with a femme fatale looking woman on it and the words "YOUR JOB'S NOT THAT INTERESTING" printed in big letters. If they don't have propaganda posters that say stuff like "DON'T LEAK CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS TO WIN INTERNET ARGUMENTS" yet, they should.

Private SNAFU animations have a long history... Maybe we need a new one https://youtu.be/Ws9L-Kifjkg

Lots of reasons but I'll list two: 1) These documents are historical artifacts like the declaration of independence or the magna carta. They may not seem important now but in 300 years people will care about them A LOT. 2) Redundancy. If the digital records are destroyed or say encrypted in a massive ransomware attack then the UK government can simply reconstruct those digital records using the paper records without having to deal with terrorists and that's a good thing.

A friend of mine was recently a witness for the FBI. He was working in a small office in the middle of nowhere and happened to have a very loud argument with the suspect. A few minutes later he left the building and when he was about to start his car, he got a call from an agent asking him if he wanted to be a witness in the case they were working on.

Mine was walking into the client's site. This was many years ago. They had Novell Server issues, that's how long ago this was.

I walked in, cops everywhere. Man in a suit waves an FBI badge at me and asks why I'm there. I explained the ongoing work and he said, "Not today" and forced me off the premises.

The next day I was called back by the client to "rebuild their network". When I got there, every single piece of hardware that contained anything remotely like storage had been disassembled and the drives imaged, then just left in pieces. lol

I spent that day rebuilding it all, did get the Novell server working again.

A week later, they were closed forever and I believe the owner and CFO got nailed for healthcare fraud.

I was asked to testify in a deposition. My stuff was pretty basic and mostly what I knew about how they used the tech. What I saw around there and if I saw any big red signs declaring FRAUD COMMITTED HERE!

This stopped to soon.

What happened next?

The suspect was allegedly embezzling covid relief money and the argument was about things like "why are we using company time to go to your house and install the new flat screen TV you just bought?"

The moral of the story is that you should never steal money from the U.S. government because that is one thing that they will not tolerate and I do not know the limits of what they will do in order to catch you.

Also the suspect was convicted (so they probably aren't a suspect anymore) and last I heard was being flown to Washington D.C. for sentencing. That person is probably in some kind of prison now but I haven't been following the story very closely.

Sometimes I think about how everything Ive ever known is a tiny invisible spot on a little wet rock hurtling through an empty nightmare abyss.

I do disagree with nightmare, but it's all in perspective. More like an infinitely deep well of incomprehensible potential to me. Deep water is scary but a well is life giving. It's a little bit of both

I read that sentence as poetry. Beautiful.

I already have a little device in my car that let's my auto insurance company spy on me in exchange for a discount. They call it a "Drive Safe and Save Beacon". After asking a lot of questions I have come to believe that it is an accelerometer and a bluetooth radio that sends data to my phone and either the accelerometer data is processed on my phone or it is transmitted via the internet somewhere else where it is processed. I'm not sure which one it is. The insurance company consumes location data too, but they get that from my phone, but there might also be a GPS chip in the "beacon". Probably not though. There's no easy way to take the beacon apart to replace the battery so I would think they wouldn't put unnecessary components in there to draw power. It actually makes me wonder why they need the "beacon" at all because my phone already has an accelerometer, location data and an internet connection. It must be some kind of regulatory requirement. Either that or the people selling the "beacons" to the insurance company are really good at selling redundant unnecessary equipment. Or maybe to get accurate data the accelerometer needs to be in a fixed position in the vehicle and my phone moves around too much.

The only part of a system like this that doesn't work is sometimes the actual posted speed limit doesn't match what the insurance company has in its database and I have to call them and tell them they need to update it. The U.S has a lot of roads. Just keeping track of what the speed limit is for a given location in the U.S. would be difficult, but not impossible. Probably involves a whole lot of boring data entry work.

There are so many people currently employed at Google whose livelihood (think mortgage payments, food, gasoline) depend on having a problem that they can work on but never solve.

The stuff restaurants use to wash dishes is really bad for your tummy and very often that stuff is still on the dishes, while you're eating off of them.

In a Seinfeld episode, is the laughter noise in the script or is it just up to the editor to figure out when to add it in post?

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