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The BB UI is my goto rebuttal to many site/ui revamp suggestions people make.

I doubt BB will be toppled, until a breach is made in their data coverage


Colo in this case means?


riffic 81 days ago | link

Co-location, rented space inside a datacenter.


sup temp account. I don't talk here anymore, but I do remember when I first saw gentrificaton raised on HN.

The crux of the issue is that it resulted in a less healthy/hungry city because it made it that much harder for someone to come to SF, find a place to rent, and then work at whatever startup idea they wanted.

In the long run, its just a sign that a particular city/era's time has come/gone, and should be lauded.

The opportunity to start a new network elsewhere and build a fresh system to improve on the old is what I can see here.


And This appears to be the lesson from the life cycle of High Signal to Noise ratio sites.

Initially there is the bleeding edge, and then there is the long noisy end.


True, but thats also because your target market has dynamics very different from your average hacker and even your early adopters behave differently.

It always comes down to community.


I've played dota, dota 2, and... well far ganes more than I Care to admit. I have played War 3 competitively, at my best was ranked second nationally in my country when it was a thing, and I went and managed/founded a team as well.

From personal experience, I disagree with the implication that the dunning-krueger effect gets in the way of it.

I have a hard time explaining how precisely atm, but you can often get the weaker players to work with you, and at the same time create a team even in the middle of a pub game.

TO give an example of some of the core tricks: in WoW battlegrounds the simple act of constantly YELLING the enemies incoming to a node, and keeping up the communication banter (even alone in local chat) will result in a spate of wins.

If I were to simplify it, it would be know what to communicate, and communicate simply. Your greatest enemy is discord, and poor communication.

Further: in pub games its probably easier because a modicum of co-ordination will get you quick battle wins over the opponents and so solidify camaraderie. Strong opponents who know what they are doing better than you can assist will leave you with few opportunities on the field to capitalize on.


For weak players in DoTA 1 and 2.

No one likes being cursed, and become more receptive to someone who steps in, while also providing some space to enjoy themselves and win. I've found myself saying

> "Chill out. All of us were noobs once. Player X, you did screw up, but it happens. Next time, call out, or let us know." Or

> "mate, we're bugged because we NEED your skill to land, thats why they are pissed, they depend on you."

Those lines sound cheesy when I write them down, but context, delivery and crafting of the appropriate sentence matters a lot more.

Side note: In DoTA I've found you can control your team better playing a support role.


With excellent communication skills, and hard work, AND a strong network, you could get very far anyway.

Matter of fact those are 3 skills that are always in demand because anyone who possesses them can avoid truly coming to grips with the question in this thread: The necessity of good grades in determining your career.


Thats very revisionist.

Lets take an average middle class person pre boom:

You are urged to take out a mortgage against your property because "House prices have only gone up!".

Your banks are giving you great rates, "you'd be an idiot to not take them. We're giving it out to people with No Income, No Job or Assets! We made the cover of Time with the way prices are going up!"

Everything is rosy, and you would be remiss and getting behind if you didn't take care of your future.

This is what people faced.

Do note - the Middle class isn't the one responsible for manipulating the banking system or creating exotics to over leverage a housing bubble.

Nor are they the ones who are meant to be the educated sophisticated investors.

Further the root of the issue, the housing bubble, required banks to actively sell their products, all the while telling average people that its all turning out great!

In essence: the Banks were derelict in their duty to be wary of leverage, and abused the information asymmetry they enjoyed to convince customers to "Just get a mortgage! You can get that new kitchen you always wanted".

I'd say the middle class got played.


Domenic_S 285 days ago | link

Obviously they did, that was my point. The middle class was (and continues to be) manipulated. Instead of one-income households being typical, two-income households are typical, and guess what happened to housing prices as that started to happen?


I think its pretty clear that discussing taxing only the top 1% is trivially provable as a lousy idea, and no one is discussing doing that here.


A lot of people get photo realistic art. Its obviously difficult to achieve the colors and simulacrums with the technology of the time.

On the other hand, understanding the entire sequence of western art - of Grecian art, its loss and the elevation of stark, religiously themed art during the dark ages, followed by the renaissance and onwards, makes western history and an important chunk of many modern unspoken assumptions make sense.

In other words, starting with Middle-ages art but moving onwards is an effective and memorably way to hack the meta discussion humanity has been having about itself through the ages.



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