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I always knew Apple was an evil company... glad to see them finally admitting it...

nice, we always need more clones and improvements.... hope you get traction.

I never click Pinterest links because the experience is too bad.

I use unpinterested extension in Chrome to remove pinterest from search results, I was annoyed so much at some point. Maybe they're SEO spam is more under control now, not sure.

a classic.

I always thought that gmail ignored you when you marked emails as spam... lately I have gotten loads more spam too

I did help a VERY LITTLE BIT by stopping using it.

They need to make dark patterns illegal, somehow, maybe.

Just stop doing business with companies which use them. I do not use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, Amazon (I buy electronic books but avoid physical goods because they try to trick you into buying Prime) and next door. All use dark patterns and the solution is to stop using them.

The solution to poor regulation is almost never a boycott.

We didn’t get people to stop buying lead paint, leaded gasoline, or asbestos insulation via boycotts.

I've wondered what that structure might look like. CFPB? CAN-SPAM?

I miss muscular regulatory bodies.

I agree with your last statement, but for the structure, I think it needs to be something else... maybe something like CAN-SPAM, but adapted for a wider range of conditions.

native apps are potentially much less secure... why don't they also remove them?

The Flipper Zero is a nice device but are there any cheaper alternatives?

(Ok, I’ll remove them as they aren’t helpful. Thanks.)

None of these are the same class of device. They're all specific hardware for specific tasks that are handled by the small handheld flipper. While the flipper may not be as great of a device as each of these, none of these are smaller and definitely not cheaper.

What OP was looking for was more along the lines of the Arduino / ESP projects build much like the flipper.

Twitter went the extreme way... they hijacked a letter... Alphabet is not much better.

As much as I don't really have an issue with what Musk did to Twitter mainly because I don't use it, X is a shitty name. Could've made a cool new name like Phaser or XLog or something.

the worst part is that he owns x.com and is not using it.

I expect he's kind of buggered there. He likes the X name for more than just twitter so he won't want to lose control of it. At the same time twitter would be hard pressed to justify using a domain they don't control especially after the wework scandal (or a small part of it) about the same thing.

He owns 100% of twitter (indirectly), there isn't any other share holder. this can't be compared to wework.

Sure, but twitter is not financialy stable and if it goes bankrupt then it's not Musk who decides what to do with a gifted x.com; it's used in a way that makes twitter the most value for the shareholders not the majority shareholeder. And as i said (with reguard to wework) if it's not gifted and with the knowledge of the abuses that a shareholder who is lending(and by lending i mean any convoluted contract that leaves Musk in control of it) a company a key asset can inflict on a company, then it's easy for minority shareholders to sue or even agencies to step in.

you used to be able to create a protonmail account using Tor.... so I guess it might be easier

You still can.

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