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I'm actually really tired of these types of articles that use "Look at all of this academia I can source" to brush over harmless idioms and quirks of mundane behavior while extracting some kind of borderline-histrionic and overarching conclusion of what it says about us collectively reinforcing further why behavior needs to "stop".


growth for the sake of growth

Working at a small shop now, and seeing this same behavior, it's a little frightening. In our case, and from my perspective coming from a couple of startups more recently, and large enterprises prior to that: terrifyingly frustrating for a number of reasons.

I'm in a great spot to make suggestions from my accumulated past, but the team and management seem terrified to make the jump and have nestled themselves nicely in the niche of "let's just do what's easy for now" while still telling themselves they want to grow grow grow, but I don't think management is quite aware of what this growth is going to mean internally for our ability to solve problems with the toolsets we have (both for support and project management).

Wow, are you me?

Every morning we have a company wide meeting where capturing more market share is a recurring theme. And immediately after that meeting yesterday in a developers only meeting, an inordinately large amount of time was spent on discussing how we can introduce new features yet still accommodate those of our customers who don't have internet access.

Because, as you know, if you want to capture more market share with software in 2016, you want to focus on people who don't have internet.

That was a theme at a place I used to work a few years ago, but it was internally. How can we accommodate employees who don't have Internet access at home. Mainly focused on truck drivers who live a hundred miles away from their distribution center and park their truck at home at night, with the question being "how can they log their miles". So we needed a VPN that could support dial-up, and a trucker logging tool that supported dial-up, but also the helpdesk support tools needed to be able to be used on dial-up so the helpdesk could walk them through any issues interactively. But we didn't want to spend any money supporting it, so we kept a Windows 3.1 server running so we could run the Novell system that truckers used to log into the dial-up VPN with.

We finally put Internet access in all of the warehouses and told the truckers they had to end their night at the warehouse and log their hours there. Several drivers quit because it was too much of a burden to drive that far every day. But then we finally got to upgrade the software to support showing customers where the trucks were at and how long it would take to get to their locations.

It would be awesome if technological progress was more evenly distributed across the population.

My argument in the meeting was that our company has over 15,000 clients who are businesses themselves, and maybe 100 of them don't have internet access. Most of these clients intentionally keep their computers disconnected because "the internet causes viruses".

I understand that any good company wants to provide quality service to all of their existing customers, but dedicating resources and devising workarounds for that small percentage of disconnected customers (to the detriment of the thousands of others) while our mission statement is to "capture market share" seems counter intuitive to me.

I was agreeing with you and trying to provide a complimentary example :) It's hard to grow when you're hindered by the long forgotten past.

Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to come off as confrontational in my response. Just venting frustration to the aether.

I don't think those two statements invalidate each other.


...was that a Men in Black reference?


You know, there's a degree of uncomfortable truth to this that requires the words "common sense" to be thrust between quotation marks for the statement to work.


I definitely observed this phenomenon while I was out of work for a little while, and even directly asked the recruiter when looking at two roles on their career portal: "Why does the lower wage, lower responsibility, and lower risk job come with higher barriers for employment eligibility than its managerial counterpart?"

She asked what I meant so I spelled it out more directly "Why does a file clerk role require a background check, credit check and drug screen but this role here, a Senior accounting role asks only for relevant job history?" She admitted she didn't know.

I wish I could say this was limited to that company, but I saw it so much over the course of about 3 months that I started to really wonder what the hell is going on..




yikes indeed


I'm interested as heck to know more about this instrumentation panel showing "technique" as an indicator for the car's energy consumption. Ostensibly using gamification to encourage more conscious driving?


Pretty much all hybrids and EVs do the gamification thing. Honda's got "eco score", Ford has "efficiency leaves", Nissan has "trees", etc. The more economically you drive, the more .. things .. you collect on the dashboard.


My standard ICE Honda does this too. A green arrow to tell me to switch up/down a gear and a row if up to 5 green dots to tell me when I'm driving efficiently (e.g. accelerating gently or coasting to a stop, not harsh acceleration followed by hard braking).


Shows how behind I am. Last time I drove one of these eco-cars was a 2008 company car Prius.


There's really not that much "technique" around driving an EV efficiently. Use regen braking and keep your speed down since most power goes to V^2 @ > 45mph.


Regen braking is lossy, you've squandered energy if you use it. Ideally, your power meter (in whatever form it takes on your particular model) should be smack in the "not using nor generating power" spot. Ideally, you watch traffic ahead and plan so that you just coast up to the light or stopped traffic and let rolling resistance slow you down. Congratulations, you're now a "hyper miler" who annoys everyone around you.

That's all theoretical. In my Leaf, I can't be bothered, I just drive it. I do try to keep it under 65mph, 'cuz boy howdy does the range drop if you're hot footin'it.


Local government. There's a world of opportunity that exists at the intersection of municipal politics and public outreach-even if it means using existing services and platforms to do things like publishing City Council Meetings to YouTube.

I'm watching my local town do this right now with the aid of a friend. I asked him "Why not just hire an intern or borrow a paralegal from the county solicitor's office?" and he schooled me on how he's delivering more than just a pair of hands to upload content but actually building a whole communications platform.

I was rather enthralled with the concept until he called himself a "social media mercenary", then I just rolled my eyes and had another beer :P

Joking aside, government in small towns I am noticing are slowly waking up to the need for tech-or can easily be convinced to bring in startup-type tools and procedures for public facing endeavors.


This is quite interesting. Friend of my from other city is trying to do similar thing - build platform for recording, publishing (not on YouTube) and archiving city council meetings. He told me they use some proprietary and "prehistoric" solution (from 1990 - 1995) with insane maintenance costs so he want to migrate everything to cheaper or ideally some open-source solution.


Facebook "does" this and I put "does" in quotation marks because even when I change the newsfeed sort order to "Most Recent" I still see posts I've already seen from hours ago jumbled in with things happening more recently, and if I leave the page and come back, or merely hit the refresh button I'm back to "Most Popular".

Combine that with the ever annoying problem of leaving the page, suddenly seeing something interesting, hitting the back button and being presented with an entirely different order of sorting news items forcing me to go digging through my friend's timeline on their actual page ....

I guess what I'm saying is I don't trust them to not fuck up two streams on Instagram the same way they've done it on FB: to the point of being completely useless as a dichotomy.



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