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> but I've never seen the layouts advocated here

I work in one right now as a sysadmin and I absolutely hate it. The very first image you see up there? The 8 desks just rammed against each other? I work in one of those.

I absolutely despise it to the point where I'm most often sitting in the server room at a table against a wall more than I'm at my own desk.

About Uber? Absolutely nothing. About you? That you choose to use a different product.

Are you looking for some kind of congratulations on your grandstanding?

You can choose be be obtuse or you can see that people might use an alternative if they believe service is going to decline.

While I'm sure it would be difficult to enforce, services like Airbnb and HomeAway would probably cooperate in disclosing booked stays per address. It wouldn't be that hard to link the data together and spot violators.

I can say with first hand knowledge, that HomeAway at least engages with cities politically to build cases for short-term rental advocacy from economic development to enabling and increasing the attractiveness of tourism in cities where they operate. They setup sessions with city and community leaders and work on actionable regulation and legislation with cities to introduce fair laws for rentals.

I'm no shill for HomeAway, but I do have a close personal friend who works on the Government Affairs team and have witnessed their efforts with my own eyes. At least in their case, HomeAway works with cities, instead of against them.

Uber made claims that "thousands of jobs" would be lost in the move

I've got a lot of reservations about calling Uber/Lyft a "job" in the first place; in fact I have a lot of problems with these "sharing economy" apps-calling them jobs when really you're just subcontracting labor on the cheap while the business side collects massive investments and benefits for the full-time employees.

It's like when you drive by a Dominos Pizza {substitute with the chain of your choice} and they have signs "make $15/hr"; you'll maybe make $15/hr on an incredibly busy day or a sudden surge in ride requests, but what's the mean? Is $15/hr the mean? If not, you don't get to advertise "make $15/hr".

I said it once at the start of all of these talks two years ago: It's becoming increasingly apparent to me that "disruption" in so many startups more recently means less "disruption with the goals of bringing about much needed substantive change to local regulation" and more like "give my company special treatment to operate". And it's a hard pill for cities to wave off when the population centers are all clamoring for an alternative to taxis.

okay I'm done ninja editing.


Especially because they argue that they are not a taxi company because they are doing "ride sharing". Well are you ride sharing or are you a limousine service with jobs on the line?


Funny you mention that, given Uber was forced to roll back its claims that you could easily make $90K a year as an Uber driver... (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/04/uber-driver_n_62496... amongst many others).


I think I agree with you, but I'm hesitant to to slight somebody for how they making an honest living. All "jobs" aren't created equal, especially of many jobs are contracted or low paying without benefits. It's unfortunate that this kind of (presumably it's political in origin) rhetoric has colored our reality as it has.


Or narratively describes the product to customers already accustomed to the value add of product x, but need ancillary features and benefits not present in x. I'm of the opinion that comparing one product to another only devalues the one if the other is objectively a bad product.


Isn't that a benefit and reason to use html5 video over gif formats?


Hey this is rad, I LOVE the UI and love that I have a source dedicated to EDM without having to sift through other services.

The only dealbreaker I have are the lack of keyboard shortcuts, I imagine this is on the roadmap? For ex my keyboard has a play/pause button that works globally-even in browser. Similarly, if I'm on the tab with playing media-spacebar pauses and plays respectively.

Otherwise, bookmarked and jamming now :)


No issues here, Chrome 41.0.2272.89 on OSX 10.10, if it helps the devs at all. I like this game!


Something something twitter activists.


>Rational decisions are the only way to win a war.

There's a lot of military history that disagrees with you.



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