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For those who are not paying attention: kirubakaran is telling you that Google bid up instagram and Zuck blinked.

Now, the funny thing about this is that I can understand Larry Page thinking that he is dying of thirst from lack of penetration into the social media world. But Zuck? The smart thing would have been to let Google have it. It's 14 guys. And an app. Puhleeaz.

What this tells you is that Zuck doesn't really know what's going on and that Google can exploit this. Google has a lot more cash than Facebook, and if Google keeps playing this game, Facebook is going to be distracted as hell. And broke before too long.

Part of the problem is that Facebook is facing an employee revolt. They've been clamoring for their IPO exit for a looooong time, and they've had to put up with Zuck and his crew.

Part of the problem is that Facebook is pissing users off, especially with this new timeline nonsense. People want nothing to do with Facebook, but all of their contacts are on Facebook, and its the perfect medium for building a personal brand and connecting with friends.

Facebook is the Yahoo of social media. But it's 1999, the bubble is growing like crazy (it will pop soon) and nobody, absolutely nobody, has heard of the little company that was founded last year that will eventually come to dominate the social media world.


That's a hell of a lot of speculation to base on a piece of speculation.


>Part of the problem is that Facebook is pissing users off, especially with this new timeline nonsense.

Oh really? Do you have the engagement stats to back that up?


Well, not for long. You can find many books here. The site is slow as molasses, but the selection is very good.



I'm on a 3G connection currently (in southern England), and the site loads and searches instantly. Nice find, thanks.


I actually didn't read this, I just read the bold text, I think I have a pretty good idea what the author was trying to communicate.

Sounds a bit like "getting things done". Anyway, it strikes me that there are 2 components to "accomplishing things". The first is the reason, which comes out as passion. But where does it come from? Nobody talks about that. For me it is religion. I think there has to be some preposterous irrational belief that ties down all of that motivation. Nothing sane could support the motivation of an ambitious person. Second is the how. And that can be studied scientifically.


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