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Let mr recap the article: Bayer acquired Mondanto, runs into financial trouble, middle managers are not approving things anymore [article does not try to dig deeper here] and middle managers get fired. Time honored shoot the messenger strategy.

Yes SW development is a hard job but she is doing a lot more than one job and the skill set required (not just knowledge but also behavior) to cover so many roles is a lot broader than most developers and also many managers in the software industry require to do their job.

On the other hand, there are a lot of Walmarts and similar stores, and a lot of people who have managed these in the past. There are many people who she can turn to for reliable advice. I'm assuming one Walmart is not fundamentally different from another. It's hard work, but it's essentially predictable.

Software developers are often called to do work that's not predictable. At the top of the pay grade we're generally asked to design something novel, because it's obviously not worth paying $240k / year for a developer whose work could be replaced by off-the-shelf software. (Sure, there are many exceptions and cushy jobs where people are raking in the cash with few risks. I'm thinking there are probably less of these around than a few years ago, though.)

The SW development is not just knowing the programming language, you also have to cover many roles, you need to understand and have the domain knowledge of the thing you are developing, you need to have communication skills to coordinate with other developers and stakeholders and many more (like developing intuition to know when to stop manager from making a mistake - e.g. you know this and that idea won't actually work in practice or it will have problems down the line adding to technical debt and so on).

Some people do not get how important the long tail is for sustaining a tech platform business. Ultimately technology is interchangeable but attention, mindshare and network synergies critically depend on the people volume of the long tail.

Nokia collaborated with HP and produced a handheld phone into which one could slot in a 200Lx. That sandwich had most of the functionality the latter Communicator had ( which sadly never much innovated on it, imho due to the fun of Symbian development).

Nokia eventually made the N900 which ran Linux (Maemo, Meego and later Sailfish).

15 years later, some (PinePhone) have tried but sadly failed to surpass that 2009 pinnacle of open mobile computing.

This explains BS bubbles.

The difference is that you break down software into smaller and smaller bits and then find a small bit that needs data from a far away small bit. I suspect this happens less with mechanical systems.

This is a good question. Is a paperwork oriented regulatory regime supportive of formation of mega corps?

If one stretches ones leverage to the point where it is considered by authorities as excessive and is forced to make concessions one is not in the position to attack those who attacked ones monopolistic behavior. The technical term is is "sitting in a glass house" and while one figures out the layout of the panels one is advised to refrain from throwing rocks.

The way I see it Apple is lumping past behavior and current behavior of Epic together to make an exclusion decision. But there was a big change between the past and now so the market situation has changed and access to this changed market should not overly depend on information from a very different world otherwise it can be considered at best arbitrary or an attempt to exclude competitors with irrelevant facts. The latter could get expensive.

Reading Admiral Cloudberg‘s latest https://admiralcloudberg.medium.com/the-fall-of-the-viscount... history on deicing of air inlets and that these systems are now automatic and the 737 system was grandfathered in was interesting: „(The Boeing 737 is of course the one big exception, because its 1960s-era crew-activated engine anti-ice system has been repeatedly grandfathered in with no automatic mode for the last half century.) „

Did not Boeing ask for an exemption recently due to a dangerous heat up situation if these heaters were not turned off in time?

The primary service of these starter accounts for single users is way different.

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