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For a summary of changes to the language, see John Reid's slides here: https://fortran.bcs.org/2022/AGM22_Reid.pdf

More info, The Home of Fortran Standards: https://wg5-fortran.org/

https://wg5-fortran.org/N2201-N2250/N2212.pdf is John Reid's complete document.

as a funny note John Reid was the singer of Nightcrawlers in the 90s.

That is funny. Interesting career trajectory.

Dang ternary operator. I wish ternary was "open":

    X ? A : B : ... Z;
Where the value of each expression counted down from A..Z, ie, of there's 8 limbs, then A is 7, B is 6, ..., Z is 0.

you want a one-line switch expression??

Yes; not often, but, yes.

Sounds similar to computed GO TO, as in:


Which FOSS compilers support it?

If "it" is F'23, then none. GNU Fortran has had the "new" degree-unit trig functions for a while, but no compiler, FOSS or otherwise, has the newly invented features of this revision.

Fortran doesn't prototype features with real implementations (or test suites) before standardizing them, which had led to more than one problem over the years as ambiguities, contradictions, and omissions in the standard aren't discovered until years later when compiler developers eventually try to make sense of them, leading to lots of incomplete and incompatible implementations. I've written demonstrations for many examples and published them at https://github.com/klausler/fortran-wringer-tests/tree/main .

flang [1], it's part of the LLVM project.

[1] https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/tree/main/flang

GFortran, Flang and LFortran are all open-source compilers that support modern Fortran.

Good news for the company. Hope they'll continue the open-source efforts.

No paywall link to the article: https://archive.is/aLHcF

It's bs. OP has only copy pasted what we all can read. Not the subscriber part.

The title of the article is "LeCun's 2022 paper on autonomous machine intelligence rehashes but does not cite essential work of 1990-2015" but had to be shortened to fit the character limit of Hacker News titles.

(Note that I posted this, not because I agree with the article, but I thought it might lead to some interesting discussions and debate here.)

No paywall link to the WSJ article: https://archive.fo/bOUug

Related story:


Hong Kong university dismantles and removes Tiananmen statue from campus (https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/hong-kong-univers...)

This article is from 2015, and there's some good discussion about it on this thread:


Also response to the article:


So was the basic understanding before this article was published that insects didn't have consciousness?

No. There are various different schools of thought on consciousness, including some that posit consciousness as a fundamental constituent of the universe - far below the domain of insects.

A "basic understanding" of consciousness - in the sense of being generally accepted across the scientific base - did not exist then, and does not exist now.

> No. There are various different schools of thought on consciousness, including some that posit consciousness as a fundamental constituent of the universe - far below the domain of insects.

Is this a reference to panpsychism ?

Yes, I think so.


There are various attempts to attract subscription to various definitions of "consciousness", but no agreement at all. Are rocks conscious? Bugs? Crows? People driving to work? Anyone? Ferris?

This seems like a better attempt than average, even if only because the others are so abysmal.

Article, in case of paywall: https://archive.is/j4pbK

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