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Any decent web server shows the response time. This can easily be verified. I am not sure why such number isn't tracked in the first place.

Tableau Software Inc down -35.8%


Last I've done frontend dev was 2012, now I am doing frontend for a new project and while it's gotten much better, it's very overwhelming.

I had to familiarize myself with react, es6, babel + plugin, scss, redux & its concepts, react-router, npm and its packages, material-ui, browsersync, eslint and that's just to get started. Now that's a lot.

By the time I am comfortable in that arena something new would have replaced them.

For those interested in this topic, I've written c++ wrappers around lthread.


FB stocks up 12%


I wish they say more than

> We're investigating a significant network disruption affecting all github.com services.

I would prefer that they focus on getting back up and publish a post-mortem after the fact.

The best approach to this was shown recently by Slack, where they had a huge team of people on social media while their engineers figured out the outage.

It's not like Github has 2 engineers only.

It's not like none of us went down this path until one day the app becomes unmaintainable and incoherent, with broken bindings and inconsistent states.

I am not sure you are aware of C++11's memory management features.


And what's wrong with using libunwind?


This looks like it's coming from someone who doesn't know C++ well and is just coming up with reasons to fit their bias. The fact that he/she didn't mention any disadvantage to the C code written beside verbosity makes it clear.

For one, it's easy to forget to call zlist_destroy. Who owns what in C can get very complicated and you can run into dangling pointers. At least in the C++ version you can manage ownership easier in their case.

I am not defending one language over the other, I use them both and have experienced the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What's being shown in this book is not how typically you create link-lists. man queue(3) to see how it's generally done.

The C++ for-loop is not how you typically iterate over a list , again the author decided to show a bad example to confirm their bias:

  for (const auto& i : List)
    cout << i << " ";


More likely, someone who hasn't programmed C++ in the last 10 years. Forgetting auto, and using the cumbersome 3-part for loop with iterator boilerplate when you only need value shows age. Initializing the list is also easier now, with initializer lists syntax, so you could just do:

  list<string> lst = { "tomato", "grape", "apple", "orange"};
and cut another 4 lines, making the C++ line count half of C version. Not a negligible difference, as the author claims.



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