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Was not aware of the 4th book. Looking forward to that. Thank you. The first three books were great and opened my eyes to the sheer breadth of what other intelligent life could be like.

In 2010 I wrote an AED Simulator for iPhone because we didn’t have enough in our volunteer fire department to do CPR training. It sold about $100 that year and continues to do so even today. This year I finally decided to give it an update but it very much looks and behaves the same.


Your review is almost spot on for me. I’m agreeing with it all along with the exception that I really like his writing and, well, I would say “enjoy” his novels, I do respect and value the time spent reading them.

Canada is still working on Open Banking. I think it will definitely force institutions to step up their game once it is implemented.


I'm sensing that Abraham Tachjian (Canada's Open Banking lead) is going to speed things up this year.

That is a great question!

Thanks for taking it for the team. It sounds interesting but I'm skeptical if alternative grains will beat popcorn.

yeah lets not forget popcorn has been specifically bred to pop like that for thousands of years.

The best alt I've discovered by accident is sesame seeds. If you toast them (badly) they can pop and look exactly like tiny popcorn. I still believe sesame has potential to be bred to make better popcorn. Maybe a good task for the Experimental Farm Network

I like rekts leaderboard: https://rekt.news/leaderboard/

I checked the leaderboard and it's missing Mt Gox, one of the few I'd heard of. $460M at the time, and about $29B in today's money if it were still bitcoins.

I don't think they typically include theft by those who have the private keys.

Thanks very much for this. I had seen this before but I somehow missed the "grift counter" in the lower righthand corner, which is just what I was looking for.

The speed at which computers run is beyond human intuition and beyond the speed for humans to respond. A killer robot will kill everybody in range practically instantly. It would be nothing like what movies show.

Fortunately for us, you can't kill someone with a CPU cycle. You need to use a servo for that. Which, while quick, are far from instant, and will always be limited by basic physics like thermal management.

Urgh, yes, that's so annoying. Skynet drones won't pepper the ground behind the hero with bullets while flying low and slow, they'll land every shot on target in milliseconds, before any human even sensed there was a threat. And they won't have a standards-compliant USB port to take over control either.

The only real question is whether the machines think one bullet to the head is most efficient use of resources, one bullet per organ, or an equivalent mass of non-depleted (they don't care about radiation, the biosphere is not their problem) uranium to the target biomass.

Machines don't currently, in any form, do their own maintenance. A killer robot army would utterly dominate the battlefield until it broke down and ran out of consumables. It would then completely stop.

A GAI that is significantly smarter than a human can figure that part out on its own.

A GAI significantly smarter than a human would lose in a battle with a NAI with the sole job of killing GAIs.

That may be true, but current tech is so far removed from GAI that it might as well be magic.

Author here. I wanted a lightweight macOS app sitting in my menu bar for when I need to grab some fake data for various reasons.

Happy for any feedback or to answer any questions.

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