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not sure thats correct. i have a 16gb 5c, and when I bought it the guy who sold it to me said for an extra £15 you can get 16gb.


I have a side project that needs some life! http://www.hurl.io


Hey man, me too. Read it 4/5 years ago, been coding ever since - its my day job. Honestly thanks.


You'll either get fired or people will keep paying you your new price.


Not even kidding I was about to say the same thing. Just got back from travelling, 2 months in Thailand 1 month in Australia. Would recommend it to anyone feeling like this.

Words cant describe, I feel reinvented. Note: I was disconnected the WHOLE time. Things take on a new meaning.


Interesting article. I'm sort of here now with something I'm working on, its incredibly general, and thats how I want it.

What I'm going to do however is pitch to the specific groups, the specific uses. I'm going to get out and talk the moms and pops crowd, the artsy crowd, the cyclist crowd and show them how/why they should be using it.

Maybe I've read it wrong, but it doesn't seem like a product/market fit problem to me, it seems like a "I haven't showed these people sufficiently how/why to use it for what matters to them" problem.

Edit: Rereading what I've wrote back I feel even more certain of something: perhaps the problem with creating a product that is too generic is that the gap has to be filled with education, if it isn't obvious on how to use it - like the case might be with a product that is very specific - then you have to fill that with a non-codey layer over the top.

Double edit: I think its funny how I see people write about "coder mindset" as a reason that they've hit a snag but yet still manage to stick to a coder-solution mindset. Maybe try a new layer of packaging, some education. Literally detach from being a programmer. Source: Programmer, marketeer, photoshopper background


That's what I was thinking. The ubiquilist product looks really neat, but there isn't a single use case on the site.

I wouldn't change the product (yet), I would find great use cases and present those in detail and with flair on the site, and then I would find ways to put that use case in front of more people who are like the ones in the use cases.

Possible use cases: show how a family with a dog that needs treatment gets organized to take care of their pet thanks to your product. How a mom & pop shop get their orders right by using the estimate feature as they work on them. And on and on...

Again, for my 2c, this is a marketing problem plain and simple. Close the IDE.


lol - Thanks absolutely, spot-on! I'm not ditching UbiquiList, but I plan to expose those few simple use cases more elegantly. I believe I can track back from this general solution, with marketing / education, and encourage folks to come on in.


I agree that education is key. Also language / wording and what they see on a landing page to pull them down a path to actual use. I see this is MY problem, but I'm generalising about whether other tech folks also encounter(ed) it. I expect to get beyond it, either with this product or the next :-)


Hey! Cool concept.

My overall comment would be really drive home the problem(s) that you're trying to solve, whatever they might be. I would lead with those. i.e.

- Fed up of wasting perfectly good ingredients? - Want to make smarter purchasing decisions? - Take the guesswork out of your next specials - etc etc

What you have at the moment is mostly the solution, I'd pitch up the problem like I mentioned above, then a few points on your products magic.

It shouldn't be too tough because even from just seeing your current page I "get it".

Just my 2 penneth :)


Thanks. I think we'll add a point to state the current pain point as you said. Really the goal is to help restaurants better understand their customers' behaviors and patterns.


Hey, yeah I totally get it. Just drive home the WHY, WHY do you need to help them understand their customers' behaviour patterns? What are the benefits? Honestly I can't say that enough :)


Well, not technically.... they are very much different countries!

Although we're 'appy to 'av ya.



Yes, they certainly are different countries.

I say technically as by definition they are but in the way they are treated I'd say they're not.

I'd say the difference between Wales and England as a whole is no different in spirit to the difference between Yorkshire and Essex or Cornwall and East Anglia.


Wales' counties have the same powers as any other county in the UK. However, Wales as a country also has devolved powers in it's own right.

As anywhere else, different areas have different levels of cultural self-identity - in that sense I can understand a comparison between Wales (country) and Cornwall (county) although not to Yorkshire, etc.


Yeah, but thats an entirely different ballgame if you ask me. The thing that differentiates this and mind reading, is full public/mainstream understanding.


"Oh hey ma, the damned government is demanding public SSL keys, that means they can grab the data between your computer screen, and [insert popular services] servers"


"Err, ma. The government has just announced they're now going to be reading peoples minds wherever and whenever you are."

I'm sure one would illicit a much more active response, and as ever, its down to full understanding.


Its not too late!! Chuck a banner up on the HP


Just added an early bird feature :)


I would suggest wrapping it in a different colour div, it should "feel" like a promo right?


Awesome, thanks!



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