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You say that, but I can look at actual costs spent by my company over the last two years and it’s mostly in ECS/EC2 and RDS.

It’s somewhat more complex than that because Metaculus weights its aggregates by how accurate predictors have been in the past. Definitely not perfect though, and the efficient market hypothesis isn’t relevant at all.

I’ve been in Europe a lot recently, and the running joke has been how much worse the toilets in Europe are than in the US. Even worse, the pay toilets seem to be of consistently worse quality than the free toilets in Europe!

I can’t speak for Romania, but if the outcome of any mistake is that you get shutdown, there’s an implicit cap on how much you can get punished.

That link works perfectly on any iOS browser

I absolutely love Beeminder - I use it daily - but they’re not a good example of what an average startup is going for. They have a small but dedicated group of users, not a massive user base that they can later monetize. That makes enough revenue to pay for their employees and for the founders to take a salary, but they’re never going to go big and have an exit. That’s fine (a good thing, in my opinion), but it’s the opposite of what most startup founders want.

Duolingo and spaced repetition flashcards serve different purposes. Flashcards can’t teach you grammar or pronunciation, while Duolingo does a bad job at actually teaching you a large set of vocabulary. Using both of them is probably a good plan, though even better is flashcards + a real class.

Flashcards can teach you grammar.

Explicitly, by writing explanations of various grammatical phenomena on flashcards. Implicitly, with usage examples that demonstrate how the grammar works.

Flashcards can teach you pronunciation.

Explicitly, by writing explanations of how to produce various sounds on flashcards. Implicitly, with recordings that demonstrate how things are pronounced. (Ok, paper flashcards can't do that, but we're not talking about those, right?)

I got an HSK 1 deck on Anki and it has audio and the pinyin has tone marks so I am learning pronunciation. It is also giving me grammar structures in the first week that Duo didn't in months. I truly feel Anki is better and that Duo is the one that only teaches vocab.

If I need an explanation I just paste it into ChatGPT and ask for a breakdown.

Maven’s added incremental builds as a full feature in recent versions and it seems to work pretty well.

Nice. This is literally the one reason I preferred gradle to maven. For our bigger projects maven simply took too much time.

Another big factor is that devs know that startups can (and, as in this case, will) go out of business, so they’d rather go with an FOSS offering that can’t just disappear with two months to transition off of the platform.

I’ve tried lots of different languages, and for building actual large applications I just prefer Java. The language has changed a lot in the last ten years to be more agile and enjoyable to use.

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