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Llama 3.1 now has images support right? Could this be adapted there as well, maybe with groq for speed?

Yup! I want to evaluate a couple different model options over time. Which should be pretty simple!

The main thing we're doing is converting documents to a series of images, and then aggregating the response. So we should be model agnostic pretty soon.

This comes across as pretty rude... they're already indexing and generating pages for public repos for free, and providing this search for free, just behind a login. If you want to use phind instead go ahead.

Thought show HN means being open for feedback not "please whorship my product"

here you go: your product is the best. You will come out on top in this very crowded market and your stocks will be worth millions.

I dont see it as rude to take my time and explain where their product is lacking. I am a power user of these kind of tools and tried many.

A bunch of unprotected endpoints all at once on critical systems… what could possibly go wrong?

Hope they role out a proper fix soon…

They did, around four hours ago.

A proper fix means that a failure like this causes you a headache, it doesn't close all your branches, or ground your planes, or stop operations in hospitals, or take your tv off air.

You do that by ensuring a single point of failure, like virus definition updates, or an unexpected bug in software which hits on Jan 29th, or when leapseconds go backwards, can't affect all your machines at the same time.

Yes it will be a pain if half your checkin desks are offline, but not as much as when they are all offline.

Except this actually was an opportunity for malicious actors https://www.theregister.com/2024/07/19/cyber_criminals_quick...

This title doesn’t nearly describe the breadth and severity of the problem…

Since this is best over a local network, I wonder how easy you could make the crowdsourcing aspect of this. How could you make it simple enough for everyone that's physically in your office to join a network to train overnight? Or get everyone at a conference to scan a QR code to contribute to a domain specific model.

That’s where we want to get eventually. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done but I’m confident we’ll get there. Give us 3 months and it’ll be as simple as running Dropbox.

Around the time that Lambda school was trending I joined a company that is providing large scale process re-engineering to Universities. At the time I was optimistic that Lambda would succeed.

I’m fairly confident now that the cumulative student journey improvement, work allocation, cross-faculty collaboration, beurocracy-reduction, and general efficiencies we have delivered to a stable large post-secondary institution across all faculties is going to make a larger and longer lasting positive improvement to more students and people’s lives than what Lambda achieved. (With fewer people, less funding, etc)

Check out the startup Pipedream.

It sounds to me like building logistics pipelines between hospitals (even partnering with the healthcare pneumatic logistics companies to do this) would be an ideal way to get started. Then expand the network from there with QoS packet prioritization schemes. Similar to how large Fiber Optic networks are done in some regions, or how arpanet started.

I used to work in a hospital lab, it's a lot of biohazard stuff being moved around so probably best it stays a closed network. The pipedream idea is great. However I don't get why they focus on food/grocery delivery. I'd want them to replace a majority of delivery trucks of the Fedex/UPS/Amazon variety if I was going to allow them to tunnel a citywide network. Quantifying the reduced wear and tear on city roads may even make it an easier sell to local governments.


Yeah, it just got updated, here's the new link, they added sections on block-wise quantization for both the rounding-based and LUT-based approach: https://apple.github.io/coremltools/docs-guides/source/opt-p...

I regret not getting a tumbler for my compost, turning it in a 5x5x5 bin in a small backyard is challenging. I think that’s also why my compost loses activity in the colder months. I have a supplementary kitchen-sized heated tumbler compost bin on my deck for winter which does a great job but too small.

I have a tumbler, but for 2 years in a row the composting just wouldn't start. I added the starter pellets to it, and would maintain it just like in previous uses of tumblers. When I'd empty it, it was just stored cut grass.

I've now just started a pile in the spot next to the tumbler where I emptied it. The pile is amazing. I just turn it with a shovel and you can see the progress. I stopped using the tumbler all together. I only use the trimming from yard work and add plant based leftovers from the kitchen, and it breaks things down much faster than I was expecting. It doesn't have a rodent problem. It doesn't stink. In fact, quite the opposite. I enjoy the smell of fresh turned up soil instead the expected rotting smell.

Connecting your composting to the ground makes a lot of things happen automatically. Way, way easier.

Ow, reading your comment is making my back hurt. Yes. I feel your pain. That said, I don’t use a bin. I’ve succumbed to the lazy boy way of handling my compost, which is to make a haphazard pile and then use a rake to mix it up by toppling it and rolling it. It’s made my life a ton easier, back doesn’t hurt anymore, and my results are great.

I do this for my bigger pile, for my small compost bin I love the corkscrew method.


The drawback of tumblers is you don't get that sweet worm action.

Are there any benchmarks to compare these online research agents? There’s so many to choose from now but it’s hard to compare them

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