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$1440/yr seems hardly worth the effort for he hassle and cost of moving every year. Compounding rent increase over years makes it substantial.

I suppose you don't have kids though, which may simplify things.

Much simpler would be to raise property taxes to a reasonable level and redistribute that via a citizens' dividend /UBI. That gives you free market efficiency with no rent-seeking non-local owners sucking away the wealth, only reasonable fees for management and liquidity services.

If you live in your house instead of paying transaction costs to sell, lower property value just means lower property taxes and a more prosocial working class neighbors.

You are conflating home ownership with house ownership. You can buy a condo and pay someone to maintain it for you, just as your apartment landlord can hire unreliable managers tradesworkers to fail to fix your water heater.

It works if the leader is a birthright aristocrat leader who has no need to justify his position, but still wants to be good.

The ancient wisdom didn't account for the politicking of corporations.

Airbnb doesn't replace cheapo hotels. It replaces expensive hotels. People go to airbnbs because hotels are too expensive for them.

It is more likely that IH knows the rental market price and you don't. 5% growth per year is totally normal in desirable areas . It's lower than real estate appreciation.

I don't think so? First, if that were true they wouldn't be significantly higher than other houses in the neighborhood consistently across many neighborhoods. Also, In 15 years of renting I've never had a guaranteed rent raise - ever. Rent only rose when the market made a raise make sense. Guaranteed regardless of the market is not normal in residential renting in my area.

If you had surplus housing, Airbnb would not exist because there is no point.

I think it would exist for it's marketed purpose: to let people stay in a city they don't live in for a short period of time (a week or so).

I don't think anyone is going to get a lease somewhere just to visit.

Chinese speculators reduce growth by keeping property vacant. Airbnb doesn't affect growth.

House prices are not growth, and they generate the tax revenue that you say helps get the infrastructure ready.

Building more supply to keep up with demand, no matter how real, would be growth.

You are describing young, single people, not long-term renters.

"How dare those uncouth young people not abide by my arbitrary standards of class that I expect the neighborhood to meet"

I don't see why people are so bothered by what other people do. Any normal community is going to have people doing things and some of those things make noise, smell or sound.

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