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Jellyfin is awesome, but there's a few caveats for me. - Android TV app is quite unstable. Even if you make it do direct streaming, it's not a flawless playback - Sometimes hangs when clicking next episode. I also kind of wish the login experience was a bit better. - Android App is decent, but for music it's unusable. I'm still using plex + plexamp because that experience is just so much better for me.

But, I don't regret moving my videos to JF. Plex Android app had terrible QA/QC where it would have regressions consistently every month. A bug where rewinding 30 seconds would push you forward instead of backwards would return at least 1 update every 2 months and that was frustrating.

Yeah, when I started out on Plex, I tried the other services (Jellyfin and Kodi and this other dedi music one), and while they all did what was advertised more or less, Plex was by far the more polished solution with the least bugs for my setup. I also really like the Plex UI, feels well thought out and easy to navigate.

Having said that, I keep an open mind, and every few years check out Jellyfin/Kodi etc.

Have you given Emby a try? I find it’s basically the same as plex without some of the headaches

Are you on the latest Android TV beta https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-androidtv/releases

btw for Android TV i would recommend installing kodi and the jellyfin plugin

For audio playback on android I mostly use Finamp nowadays. An older, potentially more stable alternative would be Gelli.

Appreciate the info. I tried it with a shield a while back and the experience was awful. Haven't tried again recently and it sounds like it's not worth the effort. I have endless issues from a business and go-to-market perspective with Plex, but it's tough to switch when the server and video playback have remained mostly bulletproof the last 18 months.

It will also completely delete any local assets if you're using NFS and a mount disappears during a scan. This has happened to me a few times, very frustrating.

Does this also support sharding?

Yes, maximum horizontal database scaling can be achieved using shards backed by nullfs.

Also shard keys are automatically managed.

With strong consistency as well.

I've been following this app for a while, and for a long time I was using a PR version of the app that kept the subscription list in order of time (which didn't exist for a really long time). But they finally merged it a while back, so the published app finally became usable for me.

Author didn't even take the time to look at what pre-commit does.

And acts as if their project won't work unless they add a code of conduct?

Show HN: Testing HN titles against a neural network

Bad: 0.1585 Good: 0.8280

From a User Experience, I would prefer the 4 buttons on the main page to be a button, rather than having the press the text to make it work.

Taken, will be changed :)


>tfw when someone doesn't have a strong password.

I assume a lite site like this doesn't having any kind of rate limiting feature so it would be simplicity to brute force a page's password.

This also confuses me as a resident of South Bay Area...

I've been researching ISPs every once in a while to see if new ISPs are able to provide decent deals to where I live... As of right now, here seems to be my options...

- AT&T used to charge maximum 5mbps/512kbps (for like something ridiculous like 60$/month), until Sonic came around and started using their infrastructure. Now Sonic & AT&T both provide something like 75 or 50 mbps/5mbps internet (for again.. 60$/month)

- Unfortunately, Sonic only reaches me through AT&T so its basically the same.

- Comcast is what I use for 150mbps/5mbps (around 70$ a month). Recently(and currently) getting episodes of massive uncorrectables. Technician came and found that a coax connector outside was fried, and replaced it.... 5 days later, I'm still getting uncorrectables, so clearly that wasn't the only problem. Fortunately, I'm getting free 20$ every time i complain, so it's sort of worth? lol...

- I can technically request comcast for their 2Gbps, but I'm not down to spend a massive amount of money for the installation costs w/ the overpriced monthly price tag.

- Common Networks shows most promise, but they can't reach me (despite my city being listed as one of the primary areas).

Even just having symmetric 100mbps/100mbps would be a godsend to this shit ISP situation.

Edit: formatting

They attach an RGB strip slightly above the keys on top of the keyboard (or for a grand piano/upright, they attach it probably somewhere on the key case).

Rousseau has been teaching a lot of other pianists how to do the same setup, so you can kind of see how its done in this other great piano youtuber, funguypiano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyQj7T6uLII

Then you obviously need some sort of bird's eye camera so that you can synchronize it with Synthesia.

Then you go into After Effects and add all the pretty colors and particle effects.

Sometimes they get fancy and add some RGB programming so that colors are changed on a beat by beat basis.

Added: Thoms Mucenieks has a similar setup, which his recent 1M sub video makes it pretty obvious how its setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qWg6Y-Ildc

Thanks for this!! Much appreciated.

You mention "objective truth value" and "Objectively wrong", which the parent comment says " But the point is: who´s to judge which ones are right and which one are wrong?"

Sure, we can say 1 + 1 = 2, and that's objectively correct. But in terms of morality what is "objectively right" and "objectively wrong"? Moral objectively usually comes from some base assumption that has to be made. Whether its the existence of a higher being, happiness meter, or utilitarianism.

"Instead, we want a system such that over time, the objectively better views dominate and the objectively worse views shrink in influence." According to history, I wouldn't really say this is guaranteed either, but that's my opinion.

Judgement can be made based on reviewing the effects of decisions over time. We need a dynamic system of laws and legal review that is capable of correcting for mistakes and adapting to new challenges.

I agree that we do need a system, that not tolerating intolerance is a good basic principle, and that such a system can be functional. I don’t think it can ever be perfect, because people aren’t perfect, but it can be a lot better than nothing.

Measurements and reviews are only valuable relatively to some goal(s). The question is how to decide on those goals objectively.

> "But the point is: who's to judge which ones are right and which one are wrong?"

I address this. In fact, I explicitly say I agree. No one can be trusted to make that judgment. Hence, the need for a system that doesn't place absolute trust in anyone.

> "we want a system such that [...]" [...] I wouldn't really say this is guaranteed either

What? You wouldn't say what is guaranteed? You wouldn't say it's guaranteed that we want such a system?

The system has already exist, that is the one who can force (persuasively or physically) other their rightness get to decide. In this case cloudflare has the power to decide whether 8chan is allowed or not in their platform.

If you think they are wrong then you have to gain power to be more powerful than them to override it (by gaining mass support, government support or any other means).

I don't think it's possible to have any other system.

Yes, and part of that system can be a culture among those in power of tolerating anything but intolerance.

My comment was an explanation of why advocating such a culture, as part of this system, is not an "evil [...] far worse [than "kill the jews"]".

>Sure, we can say 1 + 1 = 2, and that's objectively correct

even that can't be objectively correct because it based on agreed upon the definition of 1, definition of 2, definition of + and the axiom.

Agreed. A couple of examples to illustrate this: in boolean arithmetic, 1+1=1, in modular (2) arithmetic, 1+1=0.

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