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Yeah that's my bad. epi0Bauqu is my original account, but since no one knew who I was under that account I, some years later, made the yegg account and I try to post from there. The issue here is I logged in to post the comment, and then switched to my laptop where I was already logged in this other account.

Good to know, I just wanted to be sure that someone wasn't attempting an impersonation.

It was only a minor issue that got resolved quickly thanks to your question, but DDG's response to this whole issue of losing users' trust seems to be accurately characterised by the phrase "a succession of embarrassing own goals". :-/

Have you considered noting this in the user profile data of this HN account, then logging out of this one on your laptop.

We never used this data, other than showing favicons.

In fact, we didn't (and don't in general) collect any user-level data in the first place, per our strict privacy policy: https://duckduckgo.com/privacy

In this case, the way it works is you hit our favicon service and it returns the favicon, not using any PII in the process, and our web servers are configured not to log any PII. In other words, our system is technically designed and we are legally bound by our privacy policy to not use this data for anything other than showing favicons.

Thank you very much for confirmation.

You might want to clarify you never retained any PII, unless you can 100% confirm that that favicon request didn't include any embedded user- or installation-id in cookies, headers or the like?

Yes, after consulting with staff, I understand we thought it was more privacy protecting because we know our services are already encrypted and throw away PII, and so to get the favicon you could either (a) make another request to our known anonymous service or (b) make a request (or possibly multiple) to a non-anonymous service. On the other hand it is another request to a distinct domain that traverses another path on the Internet, albeit an encrypted one.

No we're not.

Ha, this is why I love HN.

Thanks for the awesomeness of DDG, and if you ever need help with your mobile site, let me know. claire at theoic dot me.

I love what you guys do, but your mobile UX leaves a ton to be desired and even some very basic tweaks would go a long way to significant improvement. :)

On average what percent do most search results served come from bing vs your ddg crawls or any of the other 400 sources?

even on bing ?

epi0Bauqu is the founder of DuckDuckGo, he will know.

Thanks Andrew -- appreciate it! I shudder to think of all the things I posted 8 years ago :).

We would love your help: http://duckduckhack.com/

DuckDuckHack (that link) is our instant answer platform and it is all open source (both the answers themselves and the underlying answer engine). We believe that each programming area (MySQL, Perl, React, etc.) can be best served by a group of Instant Answers, and only developers with expertise in those areas can craft the best experiences for that set of Instant Answers.

As a small team, we therefore need help in our goal of making DuckDuckGo the best search engine for developers.

Yes, you too can work for DuckDuckGo for free. It's open source, but only useful on their platform. Their search engine uses Yahoo ads. You don't get a cut of the ad revenue when a query uses your add-on. So they can monetize your work, but you can't.

I admire DuckDuckGo for being able to survive at all. But they're a for-profit company that asks people to donate things to them. That's just wrong. If you want donations, you have to be a non-profit or a cooperative. (One problem we have today is that few people are members of an organization in which their vote matters and management really serves at the pleasure of the members. Today, "membership" means "customer".)

TechShop does this. TechShop is a for-profit company, not a member-owned hacker space. But they ask for donations anyway.[1] This annoys many regular TechShop members, many of whom are familiar with starting or running a business. Especially when they fail to open a location after collecting money, as they did in LA.

[1] http://www.techshop.ws/ts_los_angeles.html

"People like you helping people like us help themselves."

It is not only useful on our platform. The entire instant answer engine is open source as well, and could be incorporated in any program. Additionally, much of our Instant Answers are freely accessible via our API: https://duckduckgo.com/api. These could be and are incorporated in other programs. We are looking for ways to expand access and make them more useful, and would appreciate any suggestions.

That said, there are many for-profit companies that create and maintain open source projects that are primarily used for them. While that may mean that many people aren't interested in developing for them, it doesn't mean everyone isn't. There are some people who want to improve their own search results. There are some people who just want to help a private alternative in search.

There are others who would like exposure on our search engine pages (for their APIs or via developer attribution). In fact, as we get a decent amount of traffic now, that exposure has real monetary value. We place Instant Answers above ads and links, and so the sources that are used for Instant Answers are monetarily benefiting through their inclusion in the ecosystem. In any case, there are many valid reasons why someone may want to develop on DuckDuckHack.

Aren't you working for Hacker News for free right now? If nobody posted comments here, nobody would know what Y Combinator is. And high-profile HN contributors aren't getting a share of profits YC makes from their startups :)

How much money is Hacker News pulling in for pg etc? Is that why my adblocker stays working overtime here? Who is investing what round of capital in it? Who is planning to acquire it to get dang his 6% of options before the market tanks again?

Hacker News is closer to Animats non-profit concept than a for-profit business asking for donations. Hence, it's worth contributing free time to. ;)

Clearly helping DDG with Instant Answers is not something you are interested in. I think as long as people are willing to do something without being deceived or tricked, then I don't see what's "wrong" about it. Maybe you feel that it is not a good way to build a relationship with users, but DDG is certainly not forcing or tricking anyone into helping them.

Thanks! I would too love to spread those stories to new audiences. We are really trying to branch out beyond the startup world but are honestly new to it and unsure so far what will work. So any ideas from you or anyone would be appreciated! Open to try almost anything :). Also, unjust sent you a DM on Twitter about a related matter.

I'm not sure if we improved for Greek in particular yet but this generally (non English) has been a focus recently so it should really be improving. I'd be curious if you notice any improvement and if the region toggle does anything for you.

I'm using it all morning (UTC +2 here) and I must say that it has improved drastically from the last time I've used the service! Cool :-)

We'd love to become the default search wherever we can!

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