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I am a mental health professional in training. There's a lot that can be said here, but I will keep it to what I think are the few most important ideas I can communicate. If these don't work for you, please comment here and let me know your thoughts.

1. If you intend to kill yourself or someone else, please call this number: 1-800-273-8255. It is a crisis hotline for suicidality. Even if you are highly doubtful that it can help, make the call. Everyone who is suicidal is highly doubtful there's a better way, almost by definition. And yet this number does help the vast majority of those people who do call it. It's worth a chance.

2. You seem to be describing a "major depressive episode." This is not something you should try to address only through self-help or HN (though taking the steps you have taken was an excellent move in that it is going to help you find the next ones to take).

For one thing, there is a physiological element that medication may be required to address. For another thing, the very faculties that you would use to try to help yourself are almost certainly hindered and distorted while in this depressed state. Your problem-solving abilities are likely compromised. Your ability to see alternatives is likely compromised. Your sense of realism in evaluating your situation is likely compromised.

You should seek professional help - from a professional counselor, clinical social worker, clinical or counseling psychologist, or psychiatrist. I would say the same thing even if you were one of those things.

3. There are barriers to seeing a professional for many people. It might be money, it might be stigma, it might be bad experiences in the past, lack of motivation, lack of information, feelings that it won't be helpful -- it's different for different people.

Also, some people will see a therapist one or two times and then decide that therapy didn't work. Therapists are like graphic designers, software engineers, carpenters, or any other profession -- there is variable quality and variable styles. And even among the good ones, some of them may just not a fit for you.

But I assure you there are competent therapists that you will feel a connection with. In fact, most therapists are pretty solid people to sit down with, and they won't have their feelings hurt if they turn out not to be the one to help you -- they'll want to help you find that one.

So consult with a professional. Make a call. Schedule an appointment. Tell them where you are. And if they suck or you don't like them, go try another one.

4. Depression can cause hopelessness, and it feels real and appears real -- that the world is actually that way, that life will always be that way. You can't trust those thoughts and feelings. You've got to take some steps in spite of them. Recognize that it is as if you are under a dark spell. Resist the influence of that dark spell as you try to get it lifted.

5. As I said above, I will check back here tonight to see if you reply to this. Odds are good that you are skeptical about some or all of what I've said here (though if you're not, that's fine too). I can't provide therapy (and this isn't therapy), but I can help with this kind of process of seeking information and exploring your options.

Edit: 6. (Forgot to add...) You should be very very careful with drugs and alcohol right now. Many people who are depressed but not actively suicidal take their lives when under the influence.


Intestinal flora exchange. Remove the reference to feces as that's incidental anyway.


Or when their parents become ill. Or for purposes of society.


I've recently wondered if shaking the head to signify disagreement or refusal stems from that being an effective way for a child to refuse food it doesn't want. My son shakes his head almost reflexively, and it makes it very hard to feed him something he doesn't want.


Probably not. When I was in Nepal, I noted shaking head left and right means "yes". And "no" is done with the hand open, rolling it on the axis of the arm ("couci-couça" in French).

BTW Children are sponges, they copy you. For instance my wife and I do not like that much fruits, and our kid don't either, which is sad.


There's nuance here that's going to be totally lost on the general public as this becomes an anti-science talking point.


Something as simple as lighting could also play into it depending on what opportunities you have for seeing someone at different times.

As for your argument against 100 pills, that only holds if it's well-known or well-established that it works and works safely.


>As for your argument against 100 pills, that only holds if it's well-known or well-established that it works and works safely.

Or semi-safely. The rich are also "early adopters". Also see tragically failed plastic surgeries and BS like cryogenics.

But still, that it's not "well-established that it works and works safely", is exactly my point about his use of the pills. Mostly wishful-thinking on his part.


Totally disagree. Android, Google Now, Knowledge Graph, Maps, Drive/Docs, Google+ itself, and the Play Store have all seen marked improvements since the rollout of Google+.

In Gmail, the new compose UI is an improvement in same ways -- for me it's an improvement overall, smart labels are an improvement, and email search has gotten significantly better.

Oh, and virtually every mobile application of theirs has gotten much better.


And don't forget Analytics. Google Analytics has seen a vast improvement in UI and usability.


As established by arethuza, hot fusion has been accomplished for some time, relatively easily, outside of thermonuclear weapons and stars. That was the claim in dispute. Nowhere in this thread was there a claim about power generation.


> As established by arethuza, hot fusion has been accomplished for some time ...

Let's be clear about what we're talking about. A fusion generator by definition produces more power than it requires. Apart from stars and thermonuclear devices, this has not been achieved anywhere. Without clear terminology, we will go in circles.

Also, the NASA project documents specify and require a net power gain in the fusion reaction:


Quote: "an in-depth analysis of the rocket design and spacecraft integration as well as mission architectures enabled by the FDR need to be performed. Fulfilling these three elements form the major tasks to be completed in the proposed Phase II study. A subscale, laboratory liner compression test facility will be assembled with sufficient liner kinetic energy (~ 0.5 MJ) to reach fusion breakeven conditions."

> Nowhere in this thread was there a claim about power generation.

Except in the NASA documents that describe the project under discussion.


Well then you have people like Ze Frank.


>To this day career counselling focuses almost completely on interests and lifestyle and ignores salary.

What's your experience with this? I've found earnings and job market to be regular features of career counseling sessions.



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