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Managing Humans by Michael Lopp


I haven't finished reading the docs yet, but this part[1] caught my attention:

> When a backend is unmounted, all of its secrets are revoked and its data is deleted.

If a backend is similar to a filesystem as mentioned in the docs, that's quite a surprise. If a backend is like a filesystem, the secrets (files) should become unavailable when unmounted, but should become available again after remounting the backend (filesystem).

Are the secrets actually _deleted_ (ie, can't be recovered again), or am I misunderstanding?

[1] http://vaultproject.io/intro/getting-started/secret-backends...


I'm responding a little late here, but hopefully you'll still see this.

Yes, when you unmount a backend, all the data is deleted. Vault mostly behaves like a filesystem, but not in this scenario. The raw data is not preserved. If you want to preserve the raw data, you can remount (move the mount point).

We didn't finish it for 0.1, but we already built in secret enumeration into the core. We plan to expose this at some point. If you want to unmount and preserve your secrets, you can always enumerate them and back them up elsewhere (unencrypted). This isn't yet available.


Starting a new project in C++ in 2015? Why not Go, Rust, or any compiled, memory-safe language for systems programming?


There are risks: I merged some contacts on the new web UI and now my Android phone has 8(!) different versions of one particular contact of mine.


If you've read the article, you would have noticed that he mentions he's a paid user when he contacts support.


C#/.Net has so many advantages over Java (and lots of cons too), and you choose "unsigned integers"?


"WhatsSpy Public is an web-oriented application that tracks every move of whoever you like to follow" is a stretch. When I read this clickbait headline I thought it could track GPS location, but the actual privacy leak is much less scary:

- Online/Offline status (even with privacy options set to "nobody")

- Profile pictures

- Privacy settings

- Status messages


GitBox[1] which is a pretty web UI for Gists

[1] https://gistboxapp.com


The article is a little short on technical details, will only the Gtalk client be retired, or the XMPP interface (ie Adium) too?


I just discovered yesterday that I seem to have lost lots of Arq backups. I downgraded from Yosemite to Mavericks and the only backups Arq shows me are from after the downgrade.

I'll dive into this this weekend, I _really_ hope I didn't lose the actual files, just the indexes.



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