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Thanks for the reply.


Yeah, I know. I meant more like personal, face to face connection. One conversation on a coffee shop is ok, but 5 emails back and forth, not really what I meant (not to dismiss the founders who sent 5 emails back and forth to me, you were really helpful, but this is not what I'd like to measure here).


Thanks for giving more of a entrepreneur perspective. I agree with you on that it is not a co-founder equity. However, I get the impression that VC would have a heart attack before even considering a better deal.

Considering the deal includes a trigger with very beneficial acceleration mechanism, I don't see them giving in more, on what already seams like an outstanding deal from the VC's perspective (the founders are relying on the VC's expertise on such deals, as they are not that familiar on what is standard and what is not).


brudgers 1187 days ago | link

Without considering the deal side, an above market salary is attractive from an employee standpoint and if you will be satisfied as an employee the job deserves strong consideration. 1% equity is a nice fringe benefit of the job even if it ultimately pays out very little.

But from a deal standpoint, there really doesn't appear to be one. Acceleration won't trump liquidation preference and it is likely the equity is simply being pulled from the options pool. The slice assigned to filling the position reflects the value placed on the role you are considering. It's not Steve Balmer's 8% as employee #30 and it probably won't cure the entrepreneurial virus if you are infected.

Good luck.


Yes, I took that into consideration. The explicit equation, all from PG's article is:

i = 1 / (1 - n) + sp


i: the amount I'll increase the company's worth divided by the profit multiplier (which is 1 + profit(%)/ 100, eg: 1.5 for a 50% profit)

n: equity received

sp: salary price. Which is anual salary * overhead (pg suggest 1.5) / company's valuation

In short, my values are:

n = 1%

i = 1.023 (2,3% which with a profit of 900% means they'd expect me to increase the company's value by 23%)

sp = a bit above market's salary (can't say much more, sorry)


I mentioned I'd be getting a bit higher than market salary. I've worked on my own startup for a few months until my co-founders split, and I was unselected for a seed incubator program as a solo founder (no big surprises here). The rest of team is pretty much being built, but they are seriously taking into consideration Sequoia's tips (which is referred from pg's lib http://ycombinator.com/lib.html): http://www.sequoiacap.com/ideas


Is not a solely engineering role. I am leading a team and a product as well (which will most likely be just me for a couple of months). Which is actually what I'd expect from first engineer hires on a startup. But thanks a lot for the perspective.


US citizens only?


antongm 1234 days ago | link

We'd consider anybody. We have one non-US citizen founder right now.


Another good tool that works on all platforms is smartgit: http://www.syntevo.com/smartgit/index.html


macmac 1236 days ago | link

It is subject to a German license agreement...


jschuur 1236 days ago | link

And the specific problem there is?


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