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Most of Albanians speak/understand Italian by watching italian shows/movies when they were young (without subtitles).


When you notify, you can also include a payload (ex json) which can be whatever you want.


I looked into this before and the Postgres docs say somewhere the payload size is limited and intended to be small metadata... in some cases you will not be able to fit the contents of the update into it


Looks like the default limit is 8000 bytes.


"awesome" is being used like "beautiful" was (meaning on ~every sentence)


while True:

    1. Goto website of company that builds self-driving-car  

    2. Look into jobs section  

    3. Check requirements

    4. Learn them + build stuff with them




    except NoJob:



Not over multiple nodes. Only on 1 node/core.


I think you get (random?) items in the game when you view these events in CSGO, so many people are viewing with multiple accounts.


There is a small chance that a case drops for you which is worth $5-$40 depending on which map you are watching that contains "Souvenir" items for the event signed by the players.

You only get drops if your Steam account that owns the game is linked to a twitch account that is watching, and is IP restricted (you won't get more drops unless you watch from different IPs at the same time). View botting exists, but it requires a lot of time/money to do, and the Twitch viewership numbers are actually more accurate than you would think.


I'm pulling numbers out of my ass but I would really be surprised if more than 100,000 of those viewers are duplicate accounts. To do the duplicate viewer thing you need to own multiple accounts with a copy of the game on each one.


Check arubacloud for s3 alternative and constant.com for cdn.


Who is "they" ? Why don't you try yourself to cure death (by donating or something) ?


You are welcome to hack on postgresql! From making queries faster (better plans, computing on graphic cards, column-stores,compiling queries) to making better the storage engine (column store, tokudb-like stores etc) to new type of indexes to new type of queries (ex increment jsonb fields even if they dont exist) to sharding it (and even different types of sharding (pg_shard, pg-xl)) to lowering the overhead (each row has 22bytes of overhead!) to so many different things that are listed here: https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Todo.



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