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Thanks a bunch Greg! Glad it's been helpful :)

We (StatusPage.io) are also in the process of getting our docs switched over. Greg helped out with the initial migration which was awesome. Definitely recommend other SaaS companies have a look.

Congrats Josh. Looking forward to see what comes of Stripe + Baremetrics working more closely together!

started using stacklead yesterday. working great so far.

Plan to address this in a follow-up blog post

Appreciate the heads up

Thanks Justin. Looks like we weren't able to find your address the first time around. Email me and we'll get some skittles + swag sent your way :)

nice design. been looking for something like this for a while - always end up listening to the same tracks on spotify even though they have some decent discovery apps. seems like a good idea to completely separate out indie music, eliminating the chance of users like myself always going back to their starred spotify playlists.


Much appreciated shimms.

I agree that just reading the headlines of the sections themselves is meaningless. What we tried to do with the post is identify tactical things we did to increase our MRR. Things like personally reaching out to every user, hand-holding them through the sign up process, figuring out where they abandoned the product, identifying the core feature set to build from our first batch of signups, figuring out how to deliver value within 5 minutes of signup.

There's never going to be a do x,y,z and you'll make $5k since every business is different, but instead tips like ours from what we've seen work for us.

Agreed on the title, a better one could have been, 'Our 5 Steps to $5k in MRR' to clarify.

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