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I used to use it for that but now with chrome profiles I've setup a new person for that called Mr Debug. It's good in that I can enable different extensions, ones that I wouldn't have enabled normally and disable the ones that interfere with dom inspections (looking at you Evernote).

You can run both at once.

And even just typing:


Should lead to where they want to go.

Which leads to on Iceweasel 38.5.0 https://www.icann.org/namecollision

If anything distributing Linux software is leaps and bounds ahead of any of system. Just apt-get/yum or whatever your distro uses and you get the app all installed, configured, files tracked. Easily updated.

And making a package from a source tarball is as easy as checkinstall.


But that means government controlling our food! /s

Seriously though, where does the hash/uuid get added? The farmer? How many people will be against tracking your food and saying this violates peoples freedoms.


I believe that's the wrong way to do it. You can only prettify/reformat if you aren't making changes to the file. That way you review only the prettify changes and not the functional changes.


Agreed, refactoring and functional changes should certainly be in separate commits, and ideally in separate pull requests. jacquesm can still have her/his rule to only change code involved in the course of functional changes; it's just that the refactoring and functional-change PRs will come in close succession and the refactoring PR exists only because the functional-change PR does also.


This will condition reviewers to push 'merge' rather than to actually review the code because the assumption will be that these are safe changes.


I agree with you, beautifying and reformatting code can mess up the diff, and all of a sudden, someone ends up with their name pointing to code they didn't right. Beautifying, reformatting should only done alone.


To paraphrase: "If you don't freeze your dependencies, you're going to have a bad time".

This is the case in any environment. This is the case for your OS, for python requirements, for java jars, everything. Your versions should be part of the source control (not necessarily the dependencies in your source, but at least a project file that has the versions listed).

Python has a requirements.txt. It's best practice to pin your versions in it.

I've been trying out jspm recently. It's quite nice and teaches you this out of the box. You pull down a npm package, it will put the version into your package.json so everyone can use the same version.


So the rule is: You must not under any circumstances kill any civilians, unless you know it's an accident.


Wouldn't the "Uber" business model mean they are rated? Bad doctors would not get 5 stars and then get dropped. Vs the current state of affairs where the doctors aren't rated at all. If people were going to travel for medical tourism anywhere wouldn't you want to go to a doctor that has been rated 5 stars vs one that hasn't? Bearing in mind they all have qualifications.


What's wrong with quoting best practice and pointing the why in your framework of choice documentation that explains the best practice and the why?


Call me when a microwave can create the tasty maillard reaction that's needed for so many foods.



There's this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convection_microwave , but I'd rather stick to flavoring my food in some way other than generating a bunch of carcinogens like acrylamide.



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