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Robert Wood in a 1909 experiment proved more carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse" gases in the atmosphere reflect the sunlight and reduce sun heating. Quite the opposite of what the mainstream climatologists predict.


and what's inside can't get out easier. Which is the whole point of the "greenhouse gases" what energy gets in can't escape as easily so there's a net gain over time causing the globe to warm.

I thought this was explained to people.

I believe the current Anti-Global warming argument is not whether or not the earth is warming, but whether humans have any significant factor in it happening.


The author is from Britain, which is much better mapped in OSM than the US.


I agree with the commenter who points out that the culture is not dominant, and if it's that bad, it won't have much acceptance.

And all who care of the sexism in IT, geek culture, etc., should turn themselves to the core problem. Use the Japanese method: ask 5 questions "why?"

Why are geeks so sexist? They see women first of all as a sexual object.

Why they do this? Because this is what they want. They are sexually hungry young men.

Why are they sexually hungry? They don't have much dating and sex. I admit that some guys are ok in this area and just misbehave.

Why do they have issues? Because they're geeks, and geeks are uncool, not sexually attractive.

Now, start curing this issue, not telling them to behave.

If a person is depressed, up to having no appetite, it's a common complaint from the relatives that the sick person is mistreating them, doesn't want to talk, closes the door, etc. Do you think a depression can be solved by telling that person to behave? Or by telling "life goes on", "birds are tweeting, ha ha"? No. It still doesn't make that person's needs met.

Yet when it comes to social phoenomena, the treatment that is zealously promoted is to treat the outcomes, not the source.

So, I suggest to the IT industry managers: start making your nerds' needs met. I don't know how. Hire a prostitute? May be valid in some special cases. Make a dating event? Maybe. Hire a psychologist? Can be useful. Make a party with a most-women company? Maybe.

Basically, I think it's worth trying to let them have more dating and learn some social skills. (This all has to be in a very delicate way, of course.) But stop teaching people how to live. If you don't like how they behave, fire them, don't try to become a father who dislikes his son but keeps living together. (This is exactly what the article says: I hate this, but I stay!)

Solve the real issue, make their needs met.


The point of the five whys is to elicit insight and fact, not stuff you just make up.

It turns out that guys who get laid are also often sexist, so your theory is bunk. There are also plenty of guys who don't get laid who aren't assholes to women.

When you got to the notion that IT managers should create a culture of respect for women by hiring prostitutes for their most sexist male employees, you should have realized that you had approximately no idea what you were talking about.


We did hire a prostitute for a depressed friend to make him feel better. Not openly. I have no idea how it works for your company, that's why I wrote "maybe".

Your trying to be judgemental and look down on everyone around completely discredits your arguments.


The fed money transfers from Moscow to Caucasus and nat. republics are huge, and that's their deal: Moscow pays, the republics' rulers provide near 100% votes.


Chechnya usually votes close to 100% for Putin, simply because a lot of government money is poured in Chechnya, disproportionately more than in any other region of Russia,


In this case it's an obvious fraud, but technically such an outcome is possible and legal: voters can take a special paper and vote at another spot, rather than their home one (say, if they are in another city). So, in theory 140% can be achieved.


Not at all. The majority of the people aren't that fool. I'd say you can't fool others at all: earlier or later this gets discovered.

A small number of the ruling party supporters do suppose this. I guess part of them are real zealots, but there is another part that are just paid for blog & news comments. (Screenshots of announcements of such jobs were circulating recently.)

Now, the problem is if we (Russians) can achieve anything with this evidence. The quality of the political opposition is very low. Most of them do fight each other more than work for the people's needs.


I don't believe in these numbers. Badoo's strategy is scraping other social networks and spamming you and your friends with emails, pretending they sent messages to you and you to them. It's the second worst spammer on the web I know.


This looks impressive, but I think an SVG image would be just enough and the right tool for single-color logos like those of Adobe, Twitter and Nike.

For Nike it will be just a background declaration, the curve with Bezier parameters and the foreground color. It will be much more compact and be able to scale.

And just as much cross-browser as CSS, which means not totally cross-browser. Your logos are broken in Opera and IE, for example.

I understand it takes much effort and expertize, but it's not the right tool for drawing images. You could do this by just exploring the UTF characters table and positioning differently colored characters near each other to make an image. But the fastest way to draw a vertored shape in a browser is still SVG.


I agree that even this book is good enough. The main thing is try thinking of what others get from you, and curiously thinking of what you thinking of yourself.

I can recommend the "59 seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot" by Richard Wiseman, where he also explains what to tell at interviews and how to present your strengths and weaknesses.

Another thing I did and it was very useful was a psychological workshop lead by an actor with higher education in theater. That woman could decipher any our messages and explain what others get from them, that the way you communicate is often more important and tells more than the message itself.

So, my advice would be go get some knowledge, try in real life, then again knowledge and reflection, and so on. If you do it consistently, it doesn't make you the world's most nice person, but you'll definitely be more competent than many people around.


that 59 seconds guy is creepy.


As Paul Graham noticed earlier, computers became something like TV on the working desktop, smartphones are even a more danger. I hope in my lifetime I'll see something new to displace smartphones/tablets and make them look old like TV now, and be less dangerous and less addictive.


Isn't this a product of long commutes and sedentary living? There are only three times when I feel compelled to use my smartphone:

  * When in a train/bus/car
  * When I need directions
  * When I feel like a game of chess
Further to this, my smartphone is also useful for:

  * It's alarm clock
  * Looking up facts over discussions away from home/office
I noticed my need for a smartphone dropped dramatically when I stopped commuting. I don't have push email (on purpose) and so I don't check email every time it beeps. After a month of this, I lost the automatic urge to check email.

I would do without a smartphone except for the maps function. I could buy a dedicated GPS, but the additional features, having web access anywhere, chess (trivial), alarm, push the smartphone ahead.

Get rid of your car, don't live in a sprawling city, walk places: problem solved.


I'd much rather see something new to make driver-operated motor vehicles seem old and impractical. Smartphone usage by a passenger on a bus or train doesn't pose a constant lethal threat to everyone on the road, merely a threat of inconveniencing the user when they miss their stop.


Can you imagine something as popular but less addictive? I wish I could...


No I can't :) But some societies have quit drinking hard or smoking, so getting off a widely accepted addiction is possible.


And that happened because those things have some very visible bad effects (images of cancer all over packages in Europe) and even then there are like 30% smokers on my country. Assuming shock and visible pain are the only way to end such a popular addiction it's going to be tough to end our digital ones.

But at least you showed it's possible, that's something!


Smartpones can already detect that you are travelling above a certain speed on a public road and display a notification that texting while driving is dangerous. Not something I would endorse (too many false positives), but I wouldn't be surprised to see it, either as a result of a law, or as a voluntary "enhancement".



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