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Modernization has happened. I recall a reference to "Object-oriented COBOL on JAVA VM".

Insofar as the term "shareware" can be construed as users actively giving away copies, with references to where paid expansion/sequel software can be obtained, that's pretty much over with as the Internet has made distribution trivial (just provide a link, no need to give someone the whole thing) - to the point that one assumes that unless otherwise inaccessible (say, JFK Reloaded isn't available from the publisher any more), better to go download the latest directly from the source rather than a months-old version passed around.

Can't say a definitive "no" to the lead questions, as the world is a big place and there are "underground" groups maintaining limited distribution. On the whole, I'd be surprised to find any.

"Shareware" is an old term. Archaic labels don't sell well.

Now it's called "in-app purchases": get the core app for free, get bonus/improvement material for a fee.

Anecdotes & analysis of the psychology of "just walk away" under such scale & conditions would be fascinating.

Prior company I worked for was next to another business that "just walked away": seems everyone at the vaccine supply company literally just up & left one day all at once, leaving everything including lunches behind.

Another thread on HN had informative posts describing how diseases have been cured in Cuba by government threatening to kill any doctor who reported an instance of it.

That's a huge claim, and a short Google-voyage did not show any such claim. It is very counter-intuitive given the overall quality of the Cuban medical system. Do you have a source for that/ link to the HN discussion?

How do you know that it is true?

Thats one way to do it...

OS X just updated to 10.10.4, available now & free.

I just updated to 10.10.4 but it doesn't update iTunes to 12.2, the version required for Apple Music. Guess it'll be out later today.

The number of iOS users is very high, and the adoption rate for the latest iOS version is very high (yes, it's available, I just updated). That will be very many people quite soon.

I know the upgrade rate on iOS is quite high, and I'm sure driving updates is part of the reason they required it, but within one hour? You'd have to be pretty on-the-ball to be ready to listen when the broadcast first started.

And I can't be the only one who is wary of running an OS update first thing in the morning on workday. Granted, Apple have been very good about their updates, I haven't had one screw up yet, but the last thing I want to worry about is possibly having a dead phone all day.

The update took 7 minutes, including the double reboot. But, I agree, kinda weird to expect that many people to have upgraded their Operating System by the time the Radio Starts Broadcasting.

Regardless - First Bug. I'm getting an "Unknown Error (403) " when trying to listen to the radio.

Presumably "403" is HTTP forbidden error. And, perhaps because I'm playing from Singapore? Kind of funny that all of the music, downloads, streaming everything appears to work fine from Singapore, but the Radio doesn't.

[Edit - Yup. Adding a VPN (VyprVPN) and connecting through Australia resolved the 403 issue. I'm good to go, Radio One works fine now]

[Edit 2 Just in time to hear the first replay of Pharrell's "Freedom". Yay - I'm chair dancing. ]

There have been a number of places letting people know to update iOS at 8AM PST for the 9AM launch of BeatsOne. Zane realizes that he's broadcasting exclusively to early adopters right now. As he said, "you've got to start sometime."

Apple Music isn't a "broadcast". Yes, a live radio station is part of the service, but a very small part, really.

Also, you should perhaps wait to criticize Apple's iOS release timing until, you know, they actually have a problem. To be fair.

" very small part, really."

Zane Lowe is a very important part of this launch, and the Radio is a major component of Apple Music. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zane_Lowe

Several US states are heading toward bankruptcy. NY is very generous with its social spending, while at the same time driving businesses and individuals out via oppressive policies. PR, as noted, just declared its $72B debt is unpayable. Other states are approaching similar conditions.

Puerto Rico's debt is 70% of GDP. The worst debt-to-GDP ratio among the states is New York, at about 25%. The states have a long way to go before they look like PR.

The USA federal government (not states, just umbrella) has a 100% debt-to-GDP ratio.

> Several US states are heading toward bankruptcy.

The only thing you've pointed to that looks anything remotely like heading toward bankruptcy is Puerto Rico, which is not a state.

Of course. I rarely carry cash, when I do I'd rather not use it, a CC is sufficiently secure (from experience), and a vendor having to jump thru whatever hoops to take CC as payment seems more trustworthy than an anonymous anyone with a cart.

For better security & privacy, ensure that the transaction device supports "chipped" cards or, better yet, Apple Pay or other anonymizing technique.

While I deeply despise the notion of a "cashless society", gotta admit it's incredibly convenient (enough to overcome my objections).

The thing I like most about the startup I work for: if anything goes wrong, everyone just objectively addresses what happened, where we are now, and what to do to move forward - an obsessive focus on the next step to success.

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