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coincidentally, HNES makes /topcolors invisble : (


etcet 28 days ago | link

Issue opened: https://github.com/etcet/HNES/issues/52 :)


colinprince 45 days ago | link | parent | on: Stripe Checkout

Killer detail "donate to Watsi"

Well played.


colinprince 47 days ago | link | parent | on: Apple CarPlay

Couldn't help noticing this is a significant foray into responsive screen layout for Apple.

A good responsive/adaptive layout will give Apple options for more diverse screen sizes and proportions from cars to watches to other phone and tablet aspect ratios.

Can't wait.


With conference PDF here:



I think the point is that getting rid of the subsidies would let the price of HFCS increase and would be less attractive to food producers.

Regarding the idea that sucrose is healthier than HFCS, I remain unconvinced.

See Robert H. Lustig's awesome expostion, Sugar: The Bitter Truth:


He explains the endocrinology behind why our bodies cannot stay ahead of our sugar intake.


__--__ 280 days ago | link

Saying sugar is healthier than HFCS is sort of like saying morphine is healthier than heroin. It may technically be true, but both will kill you eventually. That said, I agree that if the cost of sugar and HFCS were higher, it would no longer be cost effective to put it in bread. I think everyone can agree that HFCS and sugar probably shouldn't be in bread.


specialist 279 days ago | link

I'm not a biologist, related from Lustig's video, probably incorrectly:

fructose + glucose = sucrose. Body needs glucose. Fructose goes straight to liver, metabolized like alcohol, a bunch of bad stuff happens. Reason fruits are better than fruit juice is the fiber blocks the fructose from being metabolized, letting the needed glucose through.

Eating straight refined sugar is probably almost as bad as HFCS. But other sources of sugar (in moderation) are proably fine.

FWIW, I add fruit into my morning kale smoothie, and it tastes delicious.


acchow 279 days ago | link

> Reason fruits are better than fruit juice is the fiber blocks the fructose from being metabolized, letting the needed glucose through.

Can we get a source on this? I'm very curious, because I eat a ton of fruit with a lot of fructose every day and this Lustig video has gotten me worried.


rwmj 280 days ago | link

When I make bread at home, I put sugar in it to help the yeast grow.


sjwright 279 days ago | link

Point taken, but the wheat in bread is not much better for you than the pure sugar...


thret 280 days ago | link

Sugar: The Bitter Truth is movie length but well worth watching.


Also, another suggestion - perhaps kilopascals outside of US

GREAT app btw


It already is. Not sure if it's the one in the video tho



I'm so sorry, but this was just too absurd:)

... letting owners unlock a phone with their face


Upvoted for some honest-to-god, decent insightful writing. (not something I normally expect when I click a cnet link)





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