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I'm working on the "Finding cool apps in the Android Market is hard" problem.

Right now I am basically taking the crowd sourcing approach by asking people what their top N Favorite apps are. Once I get some more data, I intend to employ some "amazon-style" collective intelligence and create a recommendation engine.

I realize that there are other people working on this problem but to my knowledge no one has solved it yet;)


ggruschow 1290 days ago | link

Maybe you could run in the background and just pay attention to what the users actually use? It seems like the pattern of use is going to be more indicative of what the rest of us should take a look at than the people-who-bother-to-rate-bias will allow. For example, a few basic things I'd like to know: if someone downloads it, tries it, and uninstalls or never touches it again after a couple days, if it force closes a lot [on a class of devices], and if people are using it consistently over time, like multiple times a week for months.

That said, I don't really need recommendations as to what to try, I just need something that doesn't present me with a zillion clearly crappy options (and this applies to Apple's too.. Stupid-compiled-pamphlet-of-information I'm looking at you). After eliminating those, there's not so much left in the Android Market that I can't go through it in a reasonable amount of time.


cludwin 1290 days ago | link

Great advice I think you are on to something there...

One way to look at this problem is to create a "Best Of" app list and keep it really clean.

I'll look into that ;)


gryftir 1287 days ago | link

The app market finding problem differs depending on how you intend to monetize it. Running an app means more to an app that makes it money via advertising then one which is sold. Making money from analytics is different from targeted advertising and from having a paid app.

But if you want an interesting take on it, how about figuring out which people who are downloading the popular apps first, and tracking their behavior as a cohort. Use the trendsetters to predict the trends.


tocomment 1290 days ago | link

Is there a way to pull a list of apps off of someone's phone? That would be easier than having them enter each app.


cludwin 1290 days ago | link

There is but I haven't looked too deeply into it yet but you can get a list of packages installed.

I haven't quite gotten to building an app for making it easy to recommend apps yet but it's next on my list;)

Another important component to this would be to ask the user which apps they actually recommend as opposed to which ones they downloaded, used once and then just left on their phone.


By that logic you argue that $40 CMP's are reasonable for a email marketing campaign.

I haven't priced that kind of a service and on the surface it sounds pricey. However it may in fact be much cheaper than some other mediums with that type of each like radio or TV ads.

You could always advertise using google local which would be much cheaper, but something tells me that being the groupon deal of the day is a much more compelling proposition.

I guess I agree, it isn't a bargain but it's probably not the worst investment considering the the alternatives.


il 1309 days ago | link

Not sure about Groupon but FYI a well-targeted list usually goes for about $60-$80 CPM for a single mailing.

Yeah, they're that valuable.


espadagroup 1309 days ago | link

Thrillist charges $200+ for it's email ads.


+1 for A Game of Thrones.

As a side note HBO picked up the rights to AGOT and is currently filming the series which should be airing sometime in 2011.


Martin is an incredible writer and the books have lots of depth. His characters are amazing. I've read them a couple times and continue to find them fantastic.

Martin chooses each detail that he writes about with intent, while not always apparent on your first reading, he has an artful way of layering plot points or connecting characters with subtle details.


High Performance MySQL is pure gold!


Again since the article doesn't mention which app was malicious it's hard to say but when I looked up the wallpaper apps developed by "jackeey,wallpaper" I see the apps requiring the following permissions:







It seems strange for a wallpaper app to require internet access.


Zak 1358 days ago | link

A wallpaper app is likely to need the ability to download new wallpapers. I'm not sure why it would need your location though.


tvon 1358 days ago | link

It wouldn't need it, but it could be used to find wallpapers relevant to your location (photos).


Tichy 1358 days ago | link

I must admit I didn't know that READ_PHONE_STATE includes browsing history. But I don't know what is the message shown to the user.

I have decided to not install apps that ask for too much several times.

Maybe another way to categorize the security rights is needed.


I did some digging and ...

The article doesn't mention which app was malicious however they did mention that the app publisher went by the name of "jackeey,wallpaper".

I ran some queries and it seems like the developer that publishes apps under "jackeey,wallpaper" also publishes under "jackeey.wu".

A list of the apps published by this developer are here (most of which are wallpaper apps):





cludwin 1358 days ago | link

I compiled a more comprehensive list of the apps that could be affected and I'll be updating it when I find out more info:



This is a good article and the same scrutiny should be applied when signing any contract.

In the past I was burned by contract with a data center for colocation of servers. The contract had a really _ugly_ termination clause.

The lease term was one year and company required 30 days notice of termination or the lease would auto-renew for another one year term. After 3 years of hosting our servers at this data center the company I was a part of dissolved. When we called to cancel the colocation we missed the notification deadline by a month and the contract renewed for another year. The data center had our servers and was unwilling to negotiate an early termination.

Lesson learned.


I can't disagree more. Multi-tasking is inevitable it just so happens that this is one place where Android devices beat the iPhone to the punch. In time both platforms will mature and the task switching will get smoother.

I own a N1 and as for listening to music while I do something else I don't even think about it any more it just seems weird to not be able to do that.

As a device the N1 is very polished and for the most part the apps worth downloading are pretty smooth but every now and again I do have to resort to the task killer.

A good task killer is a must have for development or when testing beta apps.


megablast 1430 days ago | link

Can you tell me what other use you get out of Multitasking?

On the iPhone, we already have notifications, so IM does not need to be running.

And you didn't address my point, I can understand you wanting and understanding it. The large numbers of people getting into smartphones DO NOT.


Good list,

I would also add the following:

a good sudoku game like opensudoku.

connectbot for when you need to fix stuff on your server on the go (I did an app review on this app ... it's a must have).

I think slacker is better then pandora (better variety imho)

Bonus: For those who still go into video stores... use google goggles. If you take a pic of the dvd case, goggles usually is smart enough to take you to the IMDB page for that movie. - Instant movie review w/ no typing


This site is actually really interesting. I haven't brought my car to a mechanic since I was 18 and I'm 32 now. I've had to fix just about everything and doing a quick spot check on some of the work I've personally done in the past the site looks pretty accurate.

For example over the years I've replaced several water pumps on vehicles that I have owned. Most of the time it's pretty straight forward but on my 88 Toyota pickup the water pump was burried and I had to remove the timing belt to get at it. Long story short it took a lot longer then the other water pumps I've replaced in the past.

When I plugged it into RepairPal, they accurately reflected the difference in labor and as a result the price quoted to change the water pump on the yota was about 2x as much as the one that I replaced on a chevy.


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