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Do I live in some sort of parrallel universe that thinks a well documented base design for dashboard/app that will presumably continue to mature for $99 is SUPER STINKING CHEAP?

If this is officially supported by the Bootstrap project - this to me feels like a nuts deal.

You live in a superposition. It is very cheap! Yet when people are selling the same thing for $4, it also looks like a lot, even though it isn't. I recently bought some themes and I had to make a conscious effort to simply ignore the price. In fact, I wish such sites had an option to hide all pricing info.

(Same in mobile apps. $5 is a steal for a decent app/game, by any direct measure of value. But comparatively, $5 is way more than most apps.)

>Yet when people are selling the same thing for $4, it also looks like a lot, even though it isn't.

Here's your problem: you assume it's "the same thing". Just because the $4 thing looks OK doesn't mean it has the same code quality underneath, or that it wasn't stolen (as lots of "premium themes" are).

I'm sure many of us have spent and hour or two browsing theme, finally buying one, find out it's not going to work, and then start the process over again.

I've bought themes, both Bootstrap and others, that looked great, were dead cheap, and never got past the first open of the templates in Sublime Text. They were just too much of a disaster to work with.

Knowing that I'm getting top-notch quality is worth the $99 for me, if the themes fit what I'm trying to do. The amount of time saved not undoing someone else's mess is worth much more than $99.

That's not to say a cheaper theme isn't going to be good. I've also bought many that were quite good. I guess the difference here is that you can really trust what you're getting, and not have to rely on user reviews. I believe the Bootstrap people have earned enough trust where I know I'm getting a theme I can easily work with.

I agree. I have definitely wasted $99 worth of time struggling with some of the crap commercial $5/$10/$15 Bootstrap themes out there.

It feels like something officially supported would solve much of the poorly-documented semi-custom - virtually untweakable themes you can buy for $5.

This feels (even in alpha) like a HUGE move in the right direction.

At first, I was skeptical, but after looking at the completeness and quality of themes are and how well they are documented, I complete agree. This is an excellent deal, especially considering how much it would cost to hire someone to build something comparable for you. Even then, it will not be as well-documented.

Am I allowed to modify it?

This guy speaks the truth. A demo which requires a login causes me to :(


Agreed, I hate sites that provide no information on relative pricing. I’d love a formula for weekly costs and a low-level guestimate tool for project size/scope/cost… before having to fill out any form info.


We actually do not make you fill out any forms is the great thing and we do have an engine that figures out a pretty detailed cost within minutes of chatting with you. Sorry if this isn't clear! What might you be looking to build?


No offense, I have to start with a form and provide you my email address to go through that process. It may be super simple - but I was talking more of a calculator style solution that didn’t require giving you a way to spam me forever.


Twist ending - Selling mailing lists is the actual business.


I hope no one abuses you.


Thanks for the concern! I'm aware of this risk. :)


So serious question, what if someone offers you equity instead of cash? I didn’t look carefully, but I’m not sure you specified any payment terms.


At the moment, I have to prioritize cash over equity. I also think its a better validation.


You have got to be freaking kidding me? SEO’s the good ones are not saying I will rank this page better - they say we should do this, this, & that so we stand the best chance of ranking better. SEM’s have tons of math available to them to optimize and if the budget is large enough sophisticated software to help them manage complex groupings to better manage hundreds, thousands, or more campaigns.

Email - spam… dear lord I hope you aren’t a founder in a tech company I ever invest in.


I am not freaking kidding you.


Fairly heavy, but a very rich framework for admin templates.


If you’re talking just a landing page - consider unbounce.


Ouch. It would be interesting to compare similar position on the Windows App Store vs OS X, but that’s just sad.

EDIT: average guess $12,460.67, reality $302


Ironically, he mentions ember which is in the process of adopting the virtual DOM based approach.


This isn't entirely accurate as ember essentially diffs the dynamic values, but not DOM (or vDOM). In Ember the DOM is typically produced from pre-compiled templates and values are used to hydrate those templates or choose which templates are rendered.

Obviously exceptions exist, but this is by far the most common scenario.

When ember goes to "Detect" what changed, is basically ignores the DOM, and looks at the dynamic joint values such as {{#if firstName}} or {{lastName}}. Using this information, in then decides what DOM mutations are needed to bring the DOM back into sync.

As a side note: Babel.js has some related optimizations for JSX/react uses.

This all means, for DOM creation and updates the actual DOM is used.

Now this may sound scary, as we all hear the DOM can be slow. But as it turns out, some aspects of the DOM are actually quite fast, and often faster then the alternatives.

For example:

* fragment.cloneNodes to produce new content * node.textContent to update content – nicely leaves content inert, without needing costly JS based XSS escaping.

There are obviously downsides to either approach and as such likely some hybrid is ideal.


To be fair I think there is an easy workaround on blocking the javascript from reading computed CSS styles. I wrote a potential hack around that here: http://ckluis.com/black-hat-badassery/



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