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> If there's one thing all start-ups should conspire to abolish, it's liquidity preferences.

Liquidation preferences are not the norm in the normal seed/A/B rounds etc. right now. At least not in the silicon valley VC ecosystem.

Still running a 2008 vintage aluminum tower at home. True story.

What software do you run on it? I'm wondering about the browser in particular.

For users who have reasonably functioning products, yes. For Siri users, looks like not so much.

> "Is there any proof that actual people use and value Google and Amazon assistant more than Siri?"

This is a common confusion among iPhone users. I suspect the reason is that if all you're used to is Siri (and it's myriad disappointments), it's hard to conceive of the the quantum leaps that is Google Assistant in product polish and usefulness.

First and foremost is the near flawless voice recognition. I, with my India accent even, can just say things to my Android device (and now, my new google home) it just ... gets it. It's spooky.

Then, after it recognizes the question/request correctly, it is very likely to take the correct action with a high enough probability that it's now almost a surprise to hear "Sorry I don't now how to do that yet" when it does happen.

Outside of the active queries, there are things it does automatically that are at the level of what a particularly attentive human assistant might do for you.

It'll check your calendar and remind you that you should start driving for your 4pm appointment because the traffic is unusually heavy on 101 today.

Or that your flight tomorrow morning has been cancelled. It knows about your flight because of the confirmation email in your gmail account.

Remember, you have to take no action for this sort of reminders. Just have to opt in when assistant is setting itself up on your new phone.

There are myriad other such examples. It has saved my bacon numerous times. We're truly living in the future.

You nailed it. People think this technology is not that useful because they have only used Siri and Alexa. Use the Google Assistant and you will see it is very helpful.

I have used all three and can say from personal experience the Google Assistant is head and shoulders in front of the other two in UX.

Packet loss is happening at a lower layer (ethernet, wifi, mobile etc.). It's a property of the physical medium, not whether HTTP1.1 or HTTP2 is running at the higher layer.

The point of this blogpost is that design of HTTP/2 (specifically, multiplexing multiple http transfers over a single TCP connection) behaves badly under packetloss conditions.

> No, it's not bullshit. It is not profitable to have a train route of more than about 5 hours

Most of the discussion in this tread is mostly about mass transit in metro areas.

I'm getting "Sorry, Because of it's privacy settings, this video cannot be played here" for every video.

Yes. Emacs has the wonderful property of one time investment in time and learning curve that pays off over years to do all sorts of code and non-code editing.

"allow"? As in, you think Apple has been holding back permission of some kind?

No.. I meant how quickly this can become available on Apple..

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