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I don't have a view one way or another on the scientific accuracy of the report. Anecdotally though I live in Europe and gluten intolerance seems just a fraction of the issue it is in the USA. Just look at the gluten-free section in any supermarket, or ask in any restaurant for a gluten-free dish.

This topic surely deserves an extensive scientific investigation to 1) identify any statistically significant difference in gluten-free intolerance, 2) what root causes can explain the difference.


Google getting ever more evil. Their system apps can write to the external SD, but all the great 3rd party apps are screwed and constrained to the internal SD.


I was so embarrassed at the time of Aaron Swartz that the MIT that had been so good to me, was doing so much evil. They allowed a culture of bureaucracy and rules to dominate the values of innovation and principles.

I am pleased that under Reif real changes have been made that seem to be seeing the light with cases like Tidbit. No doubt this was part PR exercise. But behind every PR campaign is also a public affirmation to stake a new path.

Let's hope MIT can continue to return to its roots and set a great example to the tech community.




I just installed Teamviewer. It is free for personal use. The installation procedure is a wiz. Looking forward to a great remote access experience.


Why would I believe that any of LogMein's other services like join.me or Cubby will remain free. Join.me is no problem because there is no switching cost. However I would never entrust my files to Cubby because of the risk they pull a fast one like they are doing with LogMein remote access.

They really should have thought this through and figured a way to allow low intensity users (I use it maybe once a quarter) to continue for free.

If you do want to depend on free services be ready to switch easily, or check to make sure that the vendor offers free-for-life.


JohnTHaller 86 days ago | link

Any offering from any company can easily disappear without notice (except for contracts but even then bankruptcy, hacking events, natural disasters, etc). An offering disappearing without warning is much more likely in case of a free product. Any vendor's 'free for life' offering is likely just marketing material and won't be free for life (change of contract, company merger/buyout, bankruptcy, etc).


tunap 87 days ago | link

While I am really frustrated with this 7 day notice, I do feel the need to plug the Cubby paid service. I keep 0 bits in the cloud, but the accompanying Direct Sync service that comes with Pro is very useful...in fact, anyone know of any other direct sync services, sans cloud storage, that work well?


carlozt03 86 days ago | link

BittorentSync is very handy. http://www.bittorrent.com/sync


tunap 84 days ago | link

Even better. Thanks for the tip.


bluedino 87 days ago | link

join.me works great if you have someone at the machine and they can start the session. But LogMeIn was something you could leave running on a machine and come back and access it later. You could have your whole family in there on your account and remote into any of them with one click when you get a tech support call from grandma.


Nice article with a concise overview of PubSubHubbub and HTTP Subscription Specification. It would be really nice if you could complement it with pointers to some real example of interfaces using one or the other approach. This could help practitioners identify is the better fit for their use case.


Giles' conclusion to go with Nginx combined with Lua is a great one. At 3scale we find the combo terrific for the purpose of a high-performance API Gateway: http://3scale.github.io/2013/01/09/augment-your-api-without-...


Thanks for asking because it reminded me to cross this migration off my ToDo list.

Before checking this I was convinced I would be going with NewsBlur. Based on the positive feedback on Feedly I decided to check that out.

For me Feedly wins hands down. Winning points:

- instant Google Reader import (wow!)

- list view is very similar to the plain GR view

- social rank for URLs based on G+ and FB (I have been looking for a PostRank replacement ever since Google killed my second favorite app)

What I would love to see in future enhancements:

- extend social rank to filter the views (more like Postrank)

- search within posts that I have read


I have seen a number of good reports for Charles Proxy: http://www.charlesproxy.com/

I have not tried it myself. The price is not too bad but for something that I only occasionally need, I prefer a free solution. Fiddler seems to fit the bill as long as you have a Windows machine/VM to install it on.



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