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I just got my first Jr Developer job so I'm going to learn the following job related skills:

1) More algorithms and data structures

2) Get better at using recursion to solve problems

3) If I get through the first two - design patterns

Outside of work I'm going to learn about (and/or continue to practice):

1) Cooking - more techniques, flavors that work well together

2) Running, rowing, weights - correct form, improving my training program, the theory behind different training programs and why I should do certain types of work. For example: long steady state pieces vs short interval work

3) Filming videos and editing them well, in particular surfing and snowboarding/skiing

Edit: formatting - I'm trying to make lists


I think this ability to vote in two different ways would be extremely interesting.

The agree/disagree voting stated above would give people insight into what others personally think about their comment and possibly push people to ask themselves, "Is this a useful, interesting comment, but I don't like it because I fundamentally disagree with it? Or is this a bad (meaning - does not contribute or against rules) comment?"

If this system worked, some of the most interesting comments could be ones that are voted up a lot, but very disagreed with.

Although looking at it from the other side, I could say it would make it harder for new users to participate/get up to speed, voting types could be confused, and it would add another step to a somewhat complicated process. (Plus people just might not like it)

edit: Fixed grammar and clarified some of my ideas


When you guys are talking about stocks tanking (or conversely doing very well), do any of you actually short the stock?

I'm asking because I'm a college student and don't have much money, but an opportunity like this looks good.

Buuut I also don't know enough about the market to feel comfortable making a bet like this. My main concern is if people who trade stock often can set their shorts and sell extremely early (maybe minutes after the market opens) leaving the average trader only able to buy shares once the price has fallen too far for a short to be a good strategy.

I poked around on Google but it would also be great to hear what people here think.


InfinityX0 1149 days ago | link

SEOMoz CEO Rand Fishkin suggested a few weeks ago that many SEOs were doing this (I didn't, I've yet to delve into the stock game) - and it made perfect sense to do.



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