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correlation != causation


I know this is a trite, possibly overused saying, but in this case it is completely accurate. The study had no ability to draw the title as a conclusion, regardless of its results.

(Not to mention that they appear to be treating number assignments for a "strong agree <-> strongly disagree" Likert scale as actual numbers and doing things like averaging them. Ick.)


Yup, and not even with desktop / mobile OSes. Generally it's the other way around. Where the users go, developers will follow.

There are cases where the relationship is important, like in the early stages of a product - where in some scenarios you need both. And yes, if you need developers, and developing for platform x is hard, and y is easy - all else being equal y would win.


Often the reason can also be evolution. Where the code started off doing something specific - but then as it evolved, more features were added, approaches changed, the code evolved to do something totally different.

Also "starters" - people who are good with getting something shippable fast and iterating on features and not the same people as the ones that write truly great code - simply b/c they're driven by different things.

But it's very situational.


yeah, and the "about" section doesn't really answer the question very well:

What is ether?

Ether is a necessary element -- a fuel -- for operating the distributed application software platform we are building: Ethereum. Without the requirement of payment of ether for every computational step and storage operation within the system, infinite loops or excessive storage demands could bog down Ethereum and effectively destroy it.


buses in san francisco do this. i have no idea how well it's working for them, but as a passenger, it's pretty frustrating to see your bus pass you by when you've been waiting 10 minutes already.


I regularly use Muni line 29. At least a couple of times a week, commute hour buses do this. Usually it works out okay for two reasons:

1. The next bus is right around the corner or I have my transit App to give an idea about delay if I cannot see the next bus yet. generally the delay is of teh order of 2 ~ 3 minutes.

2. The next bus is also has less people and the journey is thus more pleasant.

Things do screw up at times though. This weekend, a driver did not stop and indicated that there was a bus following him. The App showed the next bus was 20 minutes behind. I had to catch a different bus after that. I hope this does not happen on working days.


I don't think they're implementing this idea. The only times I have seen a bus fly by a stop is when the bus is clearly completely full.


that really is fast


TIL there are people on HN that use windows phone! :)


Just because they're your family, doesn't make them typical users. http://gs.statcounter.com/

Chrome is more widely used than IE.


Chrome may be more widely used, but you are still ignoring at least a fifth of the market.


Yeah and I have no moral responsibility to support them.

There might be more gold on the ocean floor than all the gold we have ever mined, but we will never get that gold because its too uneconomical for us to get.

Same goes here, the 5th of the market is a non-consumer market for us. Those days are gone where every computer with a browser was a potential consumer.

At this point we have to ask the question, if you are still using IE, what business assumptions can we make about you, and are you really worth the cost spent to go after you?


I never claimed this as a moral thing. Apologies if it felt that way.

Though, I will say you have not asked that last question. At least not in a meaningful. Otherwise, you would not be dominated by the larger fish in the ocean that do go after these customers.


You know, personal emails to and from friends and family is probably the smallest part of your gmail used space.

Feel free to never decide whether to delete those emails and keep them forever.

Also, worth noting, is that gmail shares its storage with google drive and google+ photos. So if you use a bunch of google drive/ g+ photos, you have less space for email.

see https://support.google.com/drive/answer/6558?hl=en


For me, it was simply a "snapcash" entry in the settings screen in the snapchat app.

You click it and put in your payment info before you can use the feature.

I'm on the Android app though, I heard from coworkers that the iOS one doesn't have it yet.


You're correct -- I'm on iOS/iPhone 5 and I don't have the option yet.



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