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I don't have hardware, but Narrator works in emulator. Link to manual still is not available, so I don't know full list of features. There are 2 modes of operation, in one of them it activates controls in same places where you touch them, in other it represents content of the screen as a tree for navigation: moving finger left/right activates previous/next control, moving up/down changes level of tree. The problem is that I don't understand what thing triggers switching of modes, I did it in the emulator unintentionally. In any mode it reads content of activated control; double tap in any place of screen allows to use active control, some controls have additional action for triple tap. It's possible to use 2-finger gestures to scroll vertically and horizontally, it announces percentage after performing gesture. Scrolling works on specific level of navigation tree, sometimes it can be confusing.

Common controls are all accessible.

On-screen keyboard is shitty: every key must be activated before use. So typing is probably very slow.

In system tray area it could read every icon (level of network signal, battery, clocks...), but I could not find a way to open Action Centre.

Application switcher is bad, I could not find a way to use it properly. Button for closing apps works, but it's announced as generic button without text.

Accessible standard apps: Alarms, Data Sense, Internet explorer, Maps, Messaging, People hub, Phone dialer, Photo hub, Store.

Inaccessible standard apps: Battery Saver, Calculator, Calendar, Office, OneNote, SkyDrive, Skype, Storage Sense.

Standard apps where many buttons are unnamed, but blind usage is probably possible: Camera, FM Radio, Games hub, Xbox Music.

Emulator contains old versions of everything, so real phone could be different.


jareds 2 days ago | link

I thank you for the information. Luckily 520's are cheep so my bank account won't have a lot to complain about.


You don't need to implement full USB for USB power delivery. USB's data transmission is not used in it at all.

Detection of power delivery plugs is mechanical for standard A connectors (their male standard-A connectors are 1.3 mm longer so they could be inserted deeper in female power delivery connectors than conventional connectors so metallic shield connects detection pins) and based on detecting resistors and capacitors between ID pin and ground and power pins for other connectors.

For voltage negotiation new simplified bus and protocol was invented; it uses high frequency transmission on the same pin as power.


IIRC USB Power Delivery requires to provide 5V and 12V if you want to provide 20V. According to their FAQ question about compatibility with Microsoft Surface and Chromebook Pixel (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/215201435/dart-the-worl... ) they don't have 12V support. Probably they are not ready for USB 3.1.


userbinator 2 days ago | link

I'd guess 12V is for lower-power devices, where (slightly) cheaper 16V-rated (the next step below 25V) capacitors can be used. The other parts (switcher ICs and MOSFETs) are usually rated for much higher, and the system would be fine with a 20V input if it weren't for the 16V caps.

E.g. the EEE 1000HE uses a 12V adapter, and it has 16V caps in its power circuit. Probably the same for the Surface/Pixel.


But before reading responses I though that EC1's comment was about "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" reference. So had I would not returned to this thread I could use it with that meaning.


Nokia usually uses model numbers. 9:20 for Lumia 920, for example.


What is "enforcement" budget?


MichaelApproved 5 days ago | link

The department that enforces correct payments. Audits.


What about Opera 12, still major browser in CIS countries? OpenSSL license is listed on opera:about page, but version is not specified. How to find out?


ce4 8 days ago | link

Opera 12 should be safe, as it doesn't support the heartbeat extension

I tested it using openssl's s_server (with a quickly generated cert using tinyca) and then connecting to https://localhost:12345

  openssl s_server -accept 12345 -tlsextdebug -cert cert.pem | grep ^TLS
  TLS client extension "server name" (id=0), len=14  
  TLS client extension "renegotiation info" (id=65281), len=1  
  TLS client extension "status request" (id=5), len=5  
  TLS client extension "next protocol" (id=13172), len=0


BTW there is a piece of art which contains only one character (space). It was written by Russian author Баян Ширянов (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Баян_Ширянов ). AFAIK there is no English translation, but you can read it in Russian on http://lib.ru/PROZA/KLOCHKO/probel.txt


I had similar misunderstanding before reading comments from biologist http://www.reddit.com/u/Unidan on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/1a16ga/earths_north...

It is not zero sum because of depleting of soil's carbon pool and other resources.


vacri 21 days ago | link

I think you're overemphasising Unidan's comments. Unidan is talking about plantations of trees, not crops (edit: trees have a much greater reach and ability to pull nutrients from the ground). Yes, if you clear a forest for the crops the first time you get a net release, but after that, you're basically recycling carbon. True, you might get a small amount of carbon drawn from the soil, but the vast bulk of a plant's mass comes from carbon in the air.

In any case, it's still far, far better than having the entirety of the carbon in the fuel pulled fresh from long-term stores - the maligned 'green argument' above.

(edit: I am also a biologist by training, though not an ecologist as Unidan claims)


Looks like they want their controller to be fully symmetric so it could be reprogrammed for left-handed users without making compromises.


Scryptonite 34 days ago | link

What makes a controller right handed?


NoodleIncident 34 days ago | link

Asymmetry. It's not an accident that movement is on the left and aiming is on the right, both on controllers and PC. On PC, though, you can move the mouse to the left side of the keyboard and rebind your movement keys if you want to.


erwanl 34 days ago | link

I've never heard a left-handed complaining about the traditional gamepad layout.


PhasmaFelis 34 days ago | link

And yet, many popular console FPSes have optional "southpaw" layouts that switch the left and right sticks.


baby 34 days ago | link

now they will.


scrame 33 days ago | link

Kid Icarus on 3ds was completely unplayable as a lefty.


sizzle 34 days ago | link

any have stats of the left handed population in the world?


lutusp 34 days ago | link

11% overall.


Quote: "Globally, roughly 12% of men and 10% of women are left-handed."



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