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I never choose python like my script language because I don't like the arrogance of pythonist, more now when everybody knows google use python for everything, in python all is perfect and the other languages are crap, I always read articles like this o like python paradox or any other superficial article where the author try feign know others languages for criticize it with "solid arguments" ruby is a infant and don't try compare his libraries w any other language because It's very unfair, but really my questions is WHY PYTHONIST CONCERNED SO MUCH THE OTHERS LANGUAGES?, why they need type all days a new article explain the good language is python or the bad are all others (like java, c#, ruby, perl) I don't kwnow, please explain me it...and don't say the python hacker are much nicer because they are nicer only inside conversations with others pythonist......


I hate this stupids discussions and I have seen many pythonist criticizing ruby..why?...because think ruby is a rival?...I use java and ruby..one reason for never choose python is his fanboy community w close mind and always criticizing the other languages..like java..c# ruby...yes..your language is better and is perfect but not everybody prefer it...if you learned a language only for speak bad of it is better no learn it, when you has a few days using ruby is than understand all thing back it...star type code without parentesis and see it look better and is most readeable (I remember you I come from java), I use a bit python and his syntaxis is good but i don't like all...never I feel good using it (I feel more limited) but I don't writte a article criticizing python, ruby is the language for peoples without limits and free mind, RUBY IS THE MOST ELEGANT LANGUAGE I HAVE KNOW, and is very readeable (no exceeds python but is very readeable) for all other reasons I think python could win the discussion forget this discussions and allow ourselves know new ways to learn and write, this discussion are like the religions discussion, nobody win and only works for create bad ideas for the others...peace and sorry for my bad english, I'm germany


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