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Human API, (Palo Alto, CA), Full Stack Software Engineers


Human API is building the universal health data API, data infrastructure & developer platform to make it really easy to integrate health data.

We are looking to add core full stack / data engineers to our fast growing team. We are well funded (Max Levchin, Andreessen Horrowitz, Eric Schmidt, among others) and based in downtown Palo Alto in sunny California.

More details: http://humanapi.co/aboutus


Contact andrei@humanapi.co if you're interested.


Palo Alto, CA /// Human API (http://humanapi.co) /// FULL-TIME

We're an early stage health technology startup based in San Francisco. We are building the universal health data infrastructure to power the next generation of healthcare apps (and the developer tools to go along with it). We recently closed a funding round of $2.1M with some awesome investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Eric Schmidt, Thomas Korte, Alex Payne, Max Levchin, and a few others.

We are adding 4 more engineers to our core team to help us build out our infrastructure and continue to scale our API.

Job descriptions are here: http://humanapi.co/jobs

Happy to sponsor H1B / TN visas for awesome candidates.

If you're interested just send me an email to andrei@humanapi.co


Target buy price?


Is anyone operating a reliable bitcoin options market?




We are working on solving some of this, specifically for health data, at http://humanapi.co - you can connect your various data sources, and we then give you a central personalized API you can query.

(full disclosure, I am the founder of this company)


Cool! Is this going to be available to consumers in general?

edit: fwiw, I understand if it won't be.


It is free for the end user to sign up and use as a personal API (and we already have around 50 or so services). What we charge developers for is building multi-user applications on top of it.


If not, you can (eventually) use Personable.me, but I'm still in the process of integrating enough sources that one could realistically use for health analysis.


That's cool. Are you building it?


Sorry, yes, I should have qualified that. Yes, I'm building that. It's only about a week's worth of development thus far, but I've got a fitbit and a WiiThings scale on the way to start integrating those into the API as well.


I was waiting for someone to do this...


Delian - love the initiative!

There are a few basic assumptions underlying your vision that may be useful to flush out further (I can tell you that, from similar experience, what you are going to bump in to is a fundamental lack of desire from the majority of the system to see change).

1. You are betting that Obamacare will actually drive the system towards "accountable" care -- we are a long way off from this unfortunately. I won't rehash it all here, but many ACOs are turning back from the model: http://www.hhnmag.com/hhnmag/HHNDaily/HHNDailyDisplay.dhtml?...

2. You are betting that patient engagement in their own health will be high, particularly for the high cost, at risk patients. This has been historically proven not to be the case. High touch intervention + technology works (i.e. take a look at the Diabetes Prevention Programs now being run digitally by organizations such as Omada) but technology by itself has had a pretty low hit rate with driving meaningful patient engagement for the at risk populations. For some reading on the challenges of adherence, check out: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1661624/

I really do think we need more people working on these problems, so keep at it, and if I can help at all please let me know!

(drop me a line at andrei@humanapi.co)


> You are betting that patient engagement in their own health will be high, particularly for the high cost, at risk patients. This has been historically proven not to be the case.

The commonest reason for transplanted organ failure is that the patient isn't compliant with medication.

This happens in UK (free surgery, free meds) and US (expensive surgery, expensive meds).

It's weird.


open in incognito window (cmd+shift+n)... yeesh.


That's a good tip, I hadn't thought of that.


HumanAPI (Funded startup) - Palo Alto, CA - http://humanapi.co/careers

HumanAPI is building the unified API for all human health data, and we are hiring another experienced engineer to add to the core team.

We started this company in late March this year, and are currently hard at work building the infrastructure to pull in and analyze health data from a wide variety of sources. Some of these include: wearable sensors, consumer health devices, smartphones, and genetic testing services (like 23&Me). We collect this data, normalize it, and have built an API to allow any application developer to easily and securely build applications with our service.

We are looking for a long term hire, and this position includes meaningful equity in an exciting, fast growing startup.

The person joining must be an opinionated, independent thinker and feel comfortable making big decisions. You have experience shipping real products to users. You are broadly curious, have probably had some side projects, and you have ideally hacked around with some hardware as well.

You are versatile across technologies and platforms, and can teach yourself what you don't know quickly. You don't identify with specific technologies as much as you identify with the problems that need to be solved.

Ideally, though not required, you have some experience with distributed database systems (cassandra, hadoop, hbase, etc.), security (HIPAA), and generally get excited about data, sensors, health, and how we can combine them to make people healthy at scale.

We are based in Palo Alto, California - the right candidate can work remotely for a time period, though we would like to get the whole team under the same roof soon.

Come help us build the human health data infrastructure layer.

To apply, send an email directly to andrei@humanapi.co with your background, some relevant links (github, linkedin, etc), and any questions you have :)


How did you find the house?



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