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This was an illuminating comment because I think I finally understand why people have wildly varying experiences with CoPilot.

I think if you regularly use CoPilot to write entire functions or use its prompt mode, you will spend more time verifying its output is accurate than it would save writing the code manually. If instead, you use it iteratively via autocomplete to write small fragments of code, a line or two at a time, its trivial to verify its correctness, and it will save you a good 20-30 seconds at a time, adding up to large savings over time.

I exclusively do the latter, so I find it incredibly useful. The few times I've tried using the prompt mode, or comment-driven code generation, it's been very average or awful.

I use combinations of the two. Sometimes it really is worth it to write a comment on what one is trying to achieve and just let it autocomplete the entire thing. And sometimes just for autocompleting a 'for loop' - a small block of code that one already has in their minds.

This makes sense. I just can't imagine how most people hate the autocomplete. If you like a suggestion you hit tab. If not you keep typing.

For those unaware, gosec (and by extension golangci-lint) will warn about uses of `math/rand`


One of my favorite things about math/rand/v2 is that I can use it at work without a nolint directive and the subsequent pr discussions.

Damn, that second one is excruciating to read. I wonder if they're aware of how they put people off the Rust ecosystem with their rabid defensiveness.

I would be absolutely stunned if anyone, ever, has described OpenAPI as "beloved". It does its job, but that's about the best you can say about it.

Manhattan has a population density of 28,154 per sqkm according to Wikipedia?

Yeah; they're probably thinking of New York City. If taken on its own, Manhattan is one of the densest cities in the world; the rest of NYC brings it down a lot.

Just wanted to say I loved The Lost Vikings, thanks for many good memories :)

This paper [1] (PDF) indicates it is likely a complex interaction between multiple parts of the ecosystem. One example is that large cod are apex predators, competing with seals and when those cod were removed, seal populations increased, and predation on small cod increased correspondingly.

[1] https://oceansfirstjournal.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/ocean...

Thanks, that was surprisingly interesting. It also talks about capelin the sibling comment mentioned.

Sadly that is how fishing works. Wild Salmon is endangered in many locations including the US [1] and UK [2], for example.

It does also occur that popluations become so low that they can't recover. Atlantic Northwest Cod are the most obvious example, still not having recovered from overfishing in the latter half of last century [3].

[1] https://time.com/6199237/is-farmed-salmon-healthy-sustainabl... [2] https://wildfish.org/latest-news/main-uk-populations-of-atla... [3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collapse_of_the_Atlantic_north...

My M2 defaults to using a "low power mode" when on battery, which I noticed initially because some graphics code I was writing was getting significantly lower frame rates when on battery.

Edit: 310fps vs 240fps

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