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i tried to push some code and was getting DNS resolution errors so i started using google DNS, now everything works.


Same here. Tried accessing github and sourceforge didn't work, switched to google DNS, works like a charm now. Not sure how they are blocking the sites.


I also started having problems with github which reminded me to update my DNS settings setting to Google's, now everything works.

Didn't even know till a few hours ago that thses sites were being blocked since they display a blank page.


Its because of the memory usage, I'll try fixing it tomorrow


How can you tell it's memory?

As far as I can tell, the RSS memory usage of the process has never gone above 15mb.


Some people are spamming the chat room which increases the memory usage and causes the 'hanging'

The server is restarted every hour so you should be able to access it in a while.

The flood control feature has been added, we are waiting for shazow to wake up and update the binary.


maybe write a twitter -> rss feed converter :)


I've been using Gtk+ with Vala for almost 3 years now and i love it.

I tried Qt and liked the fact that it had good libraries built in (using the provided networking library v/s using libsoup with Gtk+)

In my opinion Gtk+ with C is a big pain but Vala feels natural and should've been pushed instead of JavaScript by the gnome guys.


>api.Res("users", resp).Id(1).Get()

>What happens if the argument passed to api.Res is not "users"? Or "users" is incorrect? Or if Id 1 doesnt exist? Or you cant use the HTTP method Get on the selected resource? Or if I want to use a HTTP method you haven't got a function for?

It is places like this where i would love to use railway oriented programming[1] or monads.

I love chaining function calls but can't do them without worrying about errors as you said, Someday i'll sit and try to implement Monads in Go



elementary OS, an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution. We use bala for the programming language which is very similar to C# but compiles to C.

Most of the contributers are students including me and we have a very welcoming environment.

Just drop I'm #elementary-Dev introduce yourself and join the effort.


* Push notifications for phones


i wish it could send push notifications to my phone.



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