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I was disappointed that the author repeatedly mentioned the Twin Prime conjecture, but neglected to mention the recent work done by Yitang Zhang: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/do_the_math...

Though Zhang did get a profile in TNY: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/02/02/pursuit-beauty

And quite a bit of news coverage: https://www.quantamagazine.org/20130519-unheralded-mathemati...

Services like Uber definitely need some regulation. I drove from downtown SF to the Castro this evening, and witnessed 4 separate incidents of Uber drivers being reckless and/or discourteous. Things like: driver stopped in the leftmost lane, at a green light, because he suddenly decided that he wants to turn right instead of left; driver stopped in the right lane to pick up passenger, when he could have just stood in a parking spot a few yards down; driver stopped to pick up a passenger at a corner, blocking the crosswalk.

I'm all for "disrupting" the taxi industry, but please don't disrupt traffic because you're too lazy and/or clueless. Is there a way to report asshole Uber drivers?

What does it have to do with Uber? A lot of drivers are doing that, and don't even get me started on taxi drivers in New York City, they just do whatever they want on a road.

I have noticed the same in SF.

> What does it have to do with Uber?

If these are Uber drivers picking up/dropping off passengers, then it's Uber's problem, isn't it? Setting aside the contractor/employee dispute, these drivers are engaged in activity for which they'll get money from Uber, so it definitely is Uber's problem.

> A lot of drivers are doing that

Not in SF. I've lived here 10 years, and never saw this level of ineptitude. These days whenever I see a driver being an asshole, I immediately check to see if it's an uber driver; and 9/10 it is. I sometimes work in a cafe which is on a corner; and I've lost count of the number of times I've seen Uber drivers doing a U-turn at the stop sign, confusing other traffic.

> don't even get me started on taxi drivers in New York City

Irrelevant, since we're talking about SF.

> "I've seen Uber drivers doing a U-turn at the stop sign, confusing other traffic"

There is nothing wrong with doing a U-turn at the stop sign, it's absolutely legal [1]

1. http://www.pe.com/articles/insurance-629158-traffic-vehicle....

Driving for Uber (or a rival) hugely increases the likelihood that you'll want to change your destination suddenly eg when you get a job. That makes it more likely you'll do something dangerous to get somewhere more quickly - your review depends on it, and consequently so do your potential future earnings. I'm not sure that's a reason to regulate Uber but it is a problem, just as it's a problem with taxis.

It's more pronounced because Uber drivers are waiting for their passengers.

In Seattle, the behavior of uber drivers has started to mirror Taxi cab drivers: surly attitudes and aggressive.

We have regulations for that, it's called "traffic law". The problem is enforcement, not the lack of rules.

Where did the water come from on Pluto?


Not all of the ice is water ice. Some is methane ice, carbon monoxide ice, etc. That being said, I've definitely heard members of the New Horizons team speculating about water ice being responsible for some of the mountains they've seen and even the idea of Pluto having an internal ocean at some point.


To expand on the internal ocean point:

One of the big problems with Pluto is that we would not expect it to still be active. One of the hypothesis that has been proposed is that the heat from Pluto's formation is trapped in an internal ocean and is slowly being released as the ocean freezes.

Of course, even if this isn't what is powering Pluto, the other mechanism might still make the core hot enough for liquid water.


They mentioned that methane ice and CO ice are not strong enough to make mountains out of, but that water ice at those temperatures is.


Supposedly water ice is the most common ice in the universe though.


Water is plentiful in our solar system. Much of it is locked up as ice, but it appears there is lots of it in liquid form underneath the ice in several moons as well.


It's just oxidized hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. Oxygen is the third most common.


FTA: United unveiled the approach in May just weeks before technological glitches grounded its entire fleet twice, underscoring the risks that airlines face.

Hmm, makes me wonder: could the glitches have been caused by some "hackers" doing testing?


Supposedly the downtime was due to a routing issue:



I live in SF. Within 2 blocks of me 3 gas stations have shut down over the past few years, to be replaced with apartments/condos. Probably it's not related to electric cars per se; but it is probably related to the decline in personal driving.


...or the supply limitations on SF's local real estate space


It's probably related to sitting on $2 million of land.


Try that in an interview. Unfortunately, too many interviewers rely on one's ability to memorize obscure tricks to cute programming puzzles.


The majors have not been able to put out a decent, reliable car in ~100 years, and you expect them to crush Tesla, a pioneer in the space?


Rant time.

This talk about "church's definition of marriage", etc. is a red herring, and just a couched way of saying "we don't like homosexuality and homosexual behavior".

I got married in India. In a ceremony presided over by a local priest. There was no "church" involved. But guess what? No Christian here (in the US) has ever doubted the authenticity of my marriage.

And then I got divorced in the US. The courts here had no problem recognizing my marriage, even though it was performed in some other country, by some unknown religious authority. The officials had no hesitation in breaking up this marriage. Why don't we require the Church's blessing to break up a marriage (I am aware that Catholics have a certain process of appealing to the Pope, but not all churches do)?

If you don't support the idea of the government getting involved in marriage, you shouldn't support the idea of government-approved divorces either! Go to your church and get a divorce!


> What should happen is the government should stop defining marriage ...

Sure. But gay marriage and getting government out of marriage altogether are not mutually exclusive. Government can still get out of the business of marriage (and divorce). Please feel free to petition your legislators to pursue that approach. In the meantime, it is only fair that the gays enjoy the same rights that the rest of us do.


> The team acknowledges that the project is in its earliest stages, and many key challenges remain before a viable prototype can be built.

There you go. Fusion be a harsh mistress.

I would put my money on Thorium reactors, to be honest.



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